All Ireland Qualifier, Dublin v Cork, Thurles, 3:45pm Sat Nov 7th 2020

Tough enough draw

Clare or Laois would have been better but we’re going to have to meet, and beat, better opposition at some stage. Might as well see what we’re made of.

Is there another draw after the 1st round or is it already know who the winner or Dub v Cork will play?


I had thought that beaten provincial quarter finalists were to be drawn v beaten provincial semi finalists? Or at least that’s what they said on RTE over the weekend.

Although they did say numerous times on RTE it was Clare v Laois or Dublin. Tough draw as it will probably be in thurles too and our record is terrible there.

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i dont think another game v laois would have done anything for us, just hope to god we can play with more freedom then in the first half v Kilkenny. Kenny needs to select our form 15 and get the matchups right this time before the game is almost lost.

It’s the hope that kills you


I thought also that laois could not have drawn cork.
If that was the case they should have drawn them all from the one bowl and avoid previous match ups like versus laois.
Happy with draw take cork then wexico an d then play Waterford .

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I’d be happy enough with that.

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Couldn’t be drawn against your own province. Different pots. Laois & Wex were never going to happen

Laois & Clare also HAD to play round 1
No bye’s allowed for them as they lost QF’s


Would’ve preferred Clare but will take Cork

No point playing Laois again

Cork very beatable, they are soft to the core and are handy-dandy Summer Hurlers
This is the game we need to rise up


couldnt play laois again, the provinces were split in 2 bowls

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What are the chances of Portlaoise on Saturday in a doubleheader with football


Are you undercover?

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@rebelsforliam any predictions :joy:


Well I for one felt good before the Kilkenny match and needed the defibrillator by the end!! I don’t see why we should fear Cork. My main fear is having to listen to Marty saying ‘Cawrk’ repeatedly and fawning over them! Could be the jump leads again!


Hopefully not. Need to stay off heavy grass pitches now. Croker or similiar.


I think I’ll leave the room on this one and leave ye lads at it.

Hopefully we get a good quality game of hurling with a good performance from both teams, so whatever side wins is full value for their victory.

Best of luck, may the better team win :+1:t3:


Cork for me like ourselves will be very disappointed with there performance if Kenny does not stop with the left field team selection we will not win.
I don’t go with the finish with your strongest team stuff because like the kilkenny game it can be to late when you bring them on.
Trollier has to start and for me and Barrett but I fear after the second half Kenny might feel he got it right but let me assure him he didn’t


Should know best 15 by now and just go for it.