All Ireland Quarter Final, Dublin v Donegal, Sat 6th August 2016 @ 6pm

In an attempt to get away from the puns on the Leinster Final topic, put yourself in Jim Gavins’ shoes (I’m sure he won’t mind) and consider the variables he has to ponder on over the next few weeks.

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Realistically speaking, I can see us playing Donegal but the fact of the matter is that Cork always tend to raise it against the bigger sides like when they ran Mayo close in the 2014 quarter final for example.

I discussed what team I would like to see start now that we know James McCarthy won’t make it and I think it would cause minimal disruption to move Johnny Cooper to wing back and slot Mick Fitz into uimhir a trí.

Hard to see beyond Donegal. Cork went 55 mins without scoring against a a Div 3 team, they’re trying to be more defensive, can only see one winner coming out of that type of match up. Cork do have the hurlers now though!

I’d tend to agree with your solution to Jamsie’s absence, but maybe he’ll give Lowndes another go, wouldn’t object to that either.

While I agree either would be ok from the point of replacing JMcC, my preference would be move Cooper to 5, with Fitz coming in at 3. Think Fitz is a more natural replacement for Rory anyway.

My worry with Lowndes is that he gave away 2/3 silly frees in the first half and with Murphy’s normally (not this summer at times granted) high percentage returns, it might be a risk too far…

I think if McCarthy is fit he plays, if he isn’t team starts as per the last day

I don’t think Cooper is a wing back at this level personally. Up the creek here in my view. Darren Daly might be the most dependable

I think someone like Diarmuid O Connor or Ryan Mc Hugh would trouble him a lot.

If there is no McCarthy, I think Lowndes will get the run. They have been priming him as a starter all year and even played him at 6 in a league game. It’s a different argument if he should be the one or not, but based on what I have seen so far I think that is how Gavin will go. Also - he did absolutely nothing wrong against Westmeath, he just fell victim to a tactical switch.

The one caveat I would make to the above is that if the opponents are Donegal, he might go with the Kilkenny thing again. But if he does that I suspect he would still name Lowndes and just not start him.

He under-performed. So saying he did nothing wrong really is inaccurate for anyone who watched the game. It was a big chance for him and it didn’t happen. Not so sure Jim will show the same faith against higher opposition in a knockout game. I like him as a player and I think his development has been hampered with the quality ahead of him in recent years


So who would you play from 2 to 7.

Am I right in saying that the only way there will a draw for our quarter final is if both Mayo and Cork win. Could easily happen…

I’d only consider moving cooper to wing back if it was to do a man marking job on Ryan McHugh - a role he would do well I think on paper

Otherwise I’d never do it - Cooper himself plays the corner back role very well - irritates his opponent and rarely roasted and he’s now quite an experienced operator in the full back line

And cooper was no so good playing as a conventional wing back in 2014 - even before the Donegal game he didn’t look well out there

So assuming James is out for next game and unless we play Donegal and Jim thinks McHugh needs to be man marked - I’d go with Kilkenny butsy or lowndes there for quarter final - hopefully one of the latter two if they are going well

Yes as a repeat of the provisional finals cannot happen

Watch the game again and look at how many lazy frees he gave away in the scoring zone. That’s why he was subbed nothing about a tactical switch.

Can’t afford that type of defending going forward.

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We can all only surmise, but two things lead me think it was tactical, the first is that if it was a defensive issue, they would have replaced him with a defender and secondly, Gavin seemed to go out of his way to praise him in after match interviews. But yes, he did also overly foul.

But time will tell if he gets a start the next day, and if McCarthy is right he won’t anyway.

In his defence to were very soft frees. Look it’s a headache for the management team. I wonder if Daly is ever considered for starting?

I’d prefer to play Donegal because I don’t think we are set up defensively at the moment to go toe to toe at the back. I have a sneaky feeling with the 2 lads back on the cork panel will give Cork a boost. They have to be hurting down there so I expect them to come out fighting.

How Jim picks his team will solely be based on opposition. No hope we will see killKenny start that role either against Donegal

I’m not trying to be overly critical of him but over the past few years, our lads have become much more disciplined in the tackle & maybe Eric’s lack of game time & enthusiasm contributed to him being a bit over zealous in the tackle.

I am hearing McCarthy will be ok for the next day, will be a big boost if correct.