All Ireland Quarter Finals 2016

Great atmosphere in Croker…

Terrible game though.

I tell you one thing, Kerry are struggling with frees and 45s here without Sheehan. That’s a big dilemma for Fitzmaurice going forward. Do you sacrifice his shortcomings in play to have a free taker cause Moran has been dreadful kicking up to now. Geaney is a joy to watch

Kerry aren’t too arsed about this game .

Shocking defending

Arent too arsed or not, some of their foot passing and shooting is horrendous

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What an assist from Paul Murphy for that goal , Messi would have been proud of that :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Oceans of space between Kerry’s half back and full back lines which I’m surprised with

Kerry will be a team in transition for a few years to come.

How have Clare got to this stage? They’re horrific

Terrible first half, clare no belief they can beat kerry who are playing poorly too

Donaghy got no card …

Qu’elle surprise !

Some win that for Kerry in the minors. The future is bold, the future is green & gold.

This is some rope a dope Kerry are putting on .

Piss poor match all round, this. Poor performance from Kerry.

Can see a good number of their underunderage starlets being fast-tracked through over the next couple of years.

Is it a case of Kerry merely going through the motions here or have they continued to slide from last September? Looks like the latter to me based on how they mangled Kildare at this juncture last season.

Kerry looked awful at the back, that game plan of packing the middle third will not work against a side with better full forwards and aren’t afraid to kick pass. Would not fear them at all.

Donegal will be a much bigger test for Dublin.

We can only assess what we see and quite frankly Kerry are piss poor. Not only should we be beating them, we should be hammering them. The standard of football is fairly shocking IMO - 3/4 mediocre teams in the QF.

Square ball the main difference in the Tipp v Galway game.

Sorry, all changing - Galway backs all at sea now. 5 between them coming up to half time.

Tipp giving Galway serious grief here. Open, entertaining fare.

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