All Ireland Quarter Finals 2023

Lets Discuss here

Kerry v Tyrone

Armagh v Monaghan

Derry v Cork

Dublin v Mayo

Will be sunday probably with Derry and Cork

Kerry, Armagh and who knows on the other 2?!

Next weekend gonna be interesting!

On the Sunday the way they were talking as Mayo played yesterday.

Kerry have the easier side of the draw

Mayo did plenty of cynical fowling yesterday. Going to have to man up all over the pitch. Freetaking outside of 35 yards is a question mark.


Kerry got their bogie team
Mayo look soft

Depends which Dublin turns up tbh


Gaa go ?

Rte have been hammered all week.

Match will be on Sunday because Mayo cant play 6 days later, so i bet it end up on RTE. Funny how these things work out.

GAAGO covering Saturday’s matches, RTÉ covering Sunday’s.
Hopefully by Mayo playing a day later than everyone else this week will see us playing on Sunday at 4pm. Derry v Cork would appear to be the most sensible game to play with us from a ticket point of view.

Watching Mayo yesterday I’d be concerned at their full forward line against our full back line. They have speed in the corners that we don’t have.

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A big part of their game. We’ll be at it as well if we have sense.

Mayo will be bollo xed after yesterday on a big open pitch

I fear more for Kerry I think Tyrone will be at them

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If you were to pick the most lucrative draw there it is. Hot balls …

Personally I’d have preferred to not get Mayo. We aren’t firing on all cylinders and Mayo always up their game against us. I wouldn’t be confident about this game. In our favour is the fact that they had a tough game yesterday


After the draw Larry McCarthy said there might be a draw for the semi-finals if there was a need to avoid repeat pairings. He didn’t mention what the provincial pairings would be if there was no possible repeat pairings. How would it work with Galway being knocked out? Do Mayo take their place as Connacht champions?

I think it would be Munster (Kerry) v Connacht (Mayo?) and Leinster (Dublin) v Ulster (Derry) this year under the old system.

Dublin will have to do it the hard way to win Sam this year with Mayo, Derry and Kerry to play (probably)

I’m fine with drawing Mayo - better the Devil you know.


We strolled into the last two Semi finals without much competition so sooner or later we were going to get a harder draw.

We need a fit team – really need the likes of jack and Mannion and hopefully Byrne to start Ior heavily feature IMO if they are on form.

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Between the tactical fouling and theatrics, we can expect some muck in the quarters. Referees may have a big bearing on the results.

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Their mid field is gick. Ours isnt.

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Midfield is how you smother supply to the Mayo Half Forwards.

3 Games in a row will mean their attacking wing backs will be more likely to run out of steam at some point.

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