All Ireland Senior Football - Prelim Quarter-Finals

Saturday 24th ( GAAGO)
Cork vs Roscommon 2pm
Kildare vs Monaghan Saturday 16:45
Donegal vs Tyrone 7pm

Sunday 25th ( RTE 1 )
Galway vs Mayo 3pm

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Can see 4 away wins meself.

Think there won’t be more than 3 to 4 points in any of the matches with at least one going to extra time.

Great excitement last weekend and this looks like a tasty fixture list as well.

Could see 4 away wins as well but who knows at this stage, seems some teams are improving for all the games and others have gone off the boil (looking at you mayo).

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We can always live in hope…


All four games are really difficult to call. You wouldn’t be surprised whoever wins.


Wouldnt be a shock. Depends on which Cork team show up.

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3 games on GAAstop is ridiculous

Very tough on older folk say living alone who may not be internet users and would be looking forward to such games on TV


The GAA is a corporate entity that doesn’t give two fcuks about older folk.

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Dont have GAA go myself, but the old folk with no computers is a convient excuse for people to get it for free.

More games on TV less people (thay are able to) will go to the games.

Rte in the current format didnt want to buy them

This is what the GAA has become …

The Outsider Accumulator - Kildare, Cork, Donegal and Mayo. 36/1

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Poor enough return. At least one could finish level. If you could get that in the acca.

Favourites Accum 9.49/1. Draws are 6/1-13/2. Which games will end in a draw?

I’ll tell you on Monday!

In ordú of best chance …


If we manage to beat the Rossies we are almosr guaranteed to get the Dubs 3rd year in a row outside of the covid year.

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Can’t see Donegal turning over Tyrone. Think Tyrone will do enough

Cork and Roscommon in a thriller, may go to extra time

Kildare to beat Monaghan by 4 – Monaghan haven’t been great recently

Have a feeling Mayo edge Galway unless Comer plays and stars

Is there already designated Team A gets winners of Game B or just your feeling

Cork if winners would have nice momentum and have been getting good performances against likes of ourselves and Kerry so will be a dangerous draw for anyone I think

Hope the cork public get behind them at weekend , generally they don’t but with hurlers gone early perhaps that will change

Think Mayo will edge Galway myself. Or typical mayo will go and wallop them and loose the next match.

I’d expect it to go to form . I’ve no faith in Kildare and I expect Roscommon will go ultra negative

Cork are never comfortable playing against ultra negative teams.

Tyrone and Mayo then . Sean Kelly if he’s out tips it to mayo for me