All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 2019

True but for now it is what it is.
Suppose hurling was already in its current format to a degree with Munster and Leinster having 2/3 counties who could win the provincial titles each year. Then you went to the semi finals and you had a handy run out against the ulster winners, or a Galway team who wouldn’t have played all year.

Anyway, not trying to hijack the thread - Hurling has a format that is working , few tweeks this year to make it fairer in terms of fixtures. We should enjoy it and not compare it to the football championship

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Good game between Cork and KK being ruined, yet again, by desperate refereeing. Why can the GAA not sort this out.

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Semi finals are:

limerick v Kilkenny
Wexford v tipp

Should be two good games, fancy limerick to take Kilkenny but it’ll be a battle. Not sure about the other one, tipp were so poor against limerick and weren’t that convincing v laois either - are laois that good, or were tipp in second gear?

Couldn’t have worked out better for Wexico. But if they make the final I think Limerick will batter them. Either way Davy’s star will burn bright for ever more.
Hopefully Tipp V Limerick because Tipp have a very good squad and a top manager.


Going to be interesting, tipp in theory have the forward line to compete with limerick but they were comprehensively beaten in the munster final and they didn’t exactly humble laois, so hard to know where they’re at exactly.

Think Wexford could give them problems.

Jesus. Hunger. Again.

If Limerick are the better team they’ll win. It’s not rocket science.

Sounds like a desperate KK man. Who would have thought it.

I was supposed to be home this week and I was looking forward to heading down to Croker for the matches. Unfortunately I had to put off my departure by a week so it’s the telly for me .
Just for giggles I was looking at tickets last night on
Four different requests for 1 ticket
Upper Hogan Section 736 RowT (Corner Flag Nally End)
Lower Hogan Section 326 Row F (Near pitch level corner of Davin)
Lower Cusack Section 301 Row E ( Pitch level Between 14 yd. line and goal Hill End)
On my fourth try I was offered this gem - Upper Cusack Section 704 Row C (Between 50 and 70 Hill end). It all seems very random in how seating is allocated.

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Just on my way into this now and seems a decent enough crowd

Limerick I think will win by 5+

KK tanked limerick in the minors and they’re trying to do the same in the Senior.

They haven’t gone away you know :weary:

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Goal KK. Limerick are almost fcuked

Limerick rattled here. Need to settle down. Taking ridiculous shots.

Some start by Kilkenny

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Is there a manager better than Cody for tuning a team up for a big match? Remarkable.

Still, fancy Limerick to come on strong.


He is something else, limerick getting into it … poor wide there

Crazy shit from limerick playing Hayes as a sweeper. Absolutely off the wall.

Lot of Limerick wides. Penalty now. Great bit of refereeing there.

You love a sweeper :joy:

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Game on. Stupid stuff from KK full back.