All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 2019

My RTE stream is miles behind, I’ll leave you to it. #spoilers

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Not at the races and only 2 down. Limerick the rabid team now. Cats haven’t scored for 11/12 mins

Great stuff. Intense. Hard to beat top Championship Hurling for sheer entertainment.
Plenty of hurling left in this.


They need it on the puckouts. Kilkenny cleaned them out and once Limerick dropped back they came Into the game.

It’s some serious tactical game

I’d imagine Linericks Fitness will show as Kilkenny looking for direct ball and no movement from them inside

Hard to know what will happen, will Kilkenny come out blazing as they usually do at the start of the second half and blow Limerick away ? I’m going for a Cats win. I’m usually wrong though.

Filth from Buckley

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Dirty from KK there. Leading with the elbow.

Limerick far more direct now.

Ref giving brutal soft frees again. The standard is shocking really.

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Ruining a great game.

Great intensity but Limerick’s wides might do for them. Ref doing a good job - I don’t see anything ruined. Ridiculous.

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Limericks tactics, touch & decision making are shambolic in this game. WTF are they doing a sweeper and with that only 2 forwards inside KK 45? Mulcahy & Gillane are getting murdered in there. Not sure if Limerick have wherewithal to turn this around. Very poor.


The difference is the score taking. Limerick the better team, had more chances but have shot stupid wide after stupid wide.

Some score that by Mullen

Brian Cody is some operator.

Limerick would be deadly if they could shoot. But they can’t.

Everything going wrong for Limerick.

Boom :joy:

Jayzus !

The week of the Big Shane!

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Fcuk me pink.