All Ireland series predictions

Now that the league tables are sorted the picture is a little clearer, my prediction is that following counties will be in the 16.
Seed 1: Dublin, Mayo, Kerry, Derry.
Seed 2: Louth, Cork, Sligo, Armagh,
Seed 3: Galway, Roscommon, Tyrone, Monaghan
Seed 4: Donegal, Westmeath, Kildare, Meath

Its Mayos all ireland, there is little point any other county fielding a team, were definitely doomed

They’ll probably keep their none in a row streak intact

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United to do it this year. Rovers to make the final. City for the Cup.

Five teams from Leinster!! That alone shows what a weak competition it really is.

It looks that way, but Meath and Kildare could lose of if there is a major surprise in the provinces and a 3rd or 4th div team make the final, it will happen in Connact, very unlikely in Ulster, could happen in Munster if Cork f…k up , either way the teams that would replace Meath or Kildare would not be of a better standard

That’s pretty much my point. The standard is awful.
The winner will be Kerry, Galway, Mayo or Dublin and I’m only including Dublin because I am unashamedly biased. No team up North is good enough to win it.

It has been my point for a while when people talk about tiered competition etc, there simply isn’t enough teams , one of the groups could be Dublin, Sligo, Monaghan and Westmeath.

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Only one day gone in the champo and my predictions are well off the mark, Clare beating Cork leaves Kildare in a very dodgy position.