All Ireland SFC 2017 QF Dublin v Monaghan, Croke Park, Saturday, August 5th, 6pm

Monaghan it is


Think it’s at 6

Just checked the DCB twitter page and It is indeed. Was originally down as 7pm wonder what the change in time is about.

Would’ve preferred a bit of variety & a tussle with Armagh tbh.

Something tells me McCarron won’t start on the bench for it.

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I was actually a little impressed with them against us in the league but we’ll batter them I’m pretty sure, won’t be much of a game, Armagh might have been

Can’t see this being much of a test.

Possibility this sells out?

Tyrone and Armagh will bring a crowd.

Saturday might keep it down.

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The QF is were you can get caught cold. After the league game Monaghan will have confidence they can take us. Looking back over the years I am sure we have struggled at the start of these games and come good at the end. I certainly wouldn’t write Monaghan off.

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Then I will I was impressed with them in the league but Monaghan have been a good league team for 10 years now and that’s it, they have a decent midfield in the Hughes’ and an outstanding forward in McManus but McCarron has not pushed on and they struggled in 2 games against a distinctly average Down team.
If we can’t put these away pulling up then we have no business discussing possible 3 in a rows or encounters with Tyrone or Kerry.
It’s about time people start calling a spade a spade we have a top 4 in Gaelic football. Ourselves then Kerry out in front thenTyrone and Mayo behind with the rest in my opinion a fair bit back.

There’s only a top 2 and after that there’s a gulf not a gap, but hey each to their own.

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Agree totally.

Monahan play the same team in the League as the Champo - make what your will of that. Mc Carthy a better player then Mc Carron.

That is it though they were good in the league and can have a game in them and we could have an off day. It is the nature of the competition. If we are playing week in week out then 9 times out of 10 we win but there is still that potential of losing one game.

On review this statement is accurate, but until somebody puts the lame horse that is Mayo out of their misery you can’t count them out of making a final.
Mayo are like a journeyman boxer who agrees to one last shot at the title and goes 12 rounds and ends up with nothing but what ifs " I coulda been the greatest, I coulda been a contender"!!
Roscommon could’ve retired a few guys today but didn’t take their chances, if they win the replay I suspect Kerry will.

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This would be my biggest concern going into it. McManus, similar to any outstanding forward, can only do damage if he gets supply. Can we get our midfield functioning properly & fit for purpose for tests ahead?

All credit to the Rossies today for what they achieved coming from such a low point earlier in the league but 1 point in 24 mins in first half and still to be a kick of the ball away from semi final says a lot about the chasing pack.

Pointer for talk of Mayo & the Rossies, just to keep this thread on topic…someone opened a qtr-final thread…

This will be a good test for the team, they are a seasoned Div 1 outfit who will not fear us. They are strong in the middle and have scoring forwards. If we get though this it will stand to us against Tyrone.

I get this I really do, midfield is always a good platform, starting point, but I believe with the reemergence of David Moran and the mark plus Jack Barry going well for Kerry people are forgetting about where Dublins real strengths are.
We haven’t had an orthodox midfield since whelo and Ryaner, one big man one forager.
Midfield is a middle six battle ground now the majority of Dublins good play comes from Cluxtons restarts, which is very rarely a lump up the middle or from our ability to turnover the ball in and around our 45 and get scores from there.
When you look at it in the cold heart light of day, even not playing well against lower tier division 1 teams we usually put up a score of 1-14/1-16.
For the life of me I cannot see how Monaghan can get that or better it.
McManus is a fabulously gifted player but on his best day he’ll get you 7 from play where does the 1-8 to 1-10 they’d need to beat us come from?
McCarron, McCarthy? I’m not so sure.
Before anyone gets at me for complacency etc I’m just calling it as I see it.
Monaghan, respect them? Of course, they are battle hardened and an AI 1/4 finalist and deserve every bit of respect Jim and the lads give them.
Fear them? Not on your life, in my opinion they have not improved significantly enough since the league to warrant the thought that an upset is on the cards

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Saw them in the league and looked very average with one outstanding forward
Can tgive them a chance tbh expect a ledge win tyrone and Kerry will test Dublin and that’s it

A lot of miles on the clock with this Monaghan outfit considering nearly all of them are on the go for the whole season, every season. Hughes midfield to be feared? Have seen nothing at all to suggest that - Darren hasn’t the mobility to play the at this level for a start. I’m with Kenny G on this - if we don’t win by 6/8 pulling up I’d be disappointed …

Ps Did we have a poster here called Farney Man or something … or am I hallucinating again?

Is DmcA back so players can go back to normal positions