All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday August 27th, 4pm

I see this as the Biggest challenge for a few years

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Agreed. Connolly has to start for me. His ability to kick long range points against the Tyrone defensive structure will be crucial

Agree. Don’t like playing Tyrone. Apart from 2011 it’s tedious work. Also their fans can be a pain in the hole.

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It’s a similar scenario to the 2014 semi with Donegal. We haven’t been tested and are going in against a well drilled super athletic team with a strong defensive structure.

We have learned a lot since then but we will need to be on play our best to get through this

This game could be a big one in COCs legacy. He won’t have met players or a system like this before. If he excels in this game, at this age, it would be a super sign of things to come.

If we win this we will have earned it. Dubs by 3.

A mouthwatering clash! Can’t wait for it. Doubt he’ll start Connolly.

When looking at the game yesterday, i somehow go the feeling that this was a plan how we would set up against the blanket defences with the option of going to a 2 man FF line with the introduction of O’Gara and Berno. Could strangely see Jim lining out this way again, the only swap for me would be Flynn/Scully for Lowndes or John Small.

Bookies have us at 4/9 .it is a big step up to what we have already met.But it is a massive step up for Tyrone in terms of who they have met. …
I think we will win by about 7 points .


Can’t see a close match tbh tyrones negative tactics to be their achielles heal as lack of scores will cost them by the end
Connolly and o gara should keep long and close points going

Just listened to malachy clerkin of the Irish times on radio he doesn’t think match vs Tyrone will be close at all based on what Tyrone have played so far and how poor the Ulster championship had been

He’s right

Interesting that we are going into a semi without Flynn , MDMA , Brogan , Kev & Connolly starting .We have been fortunate enough that we have the depth in the panel to progress without needing them.The reserves have done well . Its a big gamble to not start Diarmuid . It would be a huge boost to bring him on at some stage but I’d prefer we not need it . Play him from the start . Question is who would be dropped ? All the lads have done enough to keep their places .

We’ll need Connolly to start, both for his physicality and for the fact his presence creates an issue that Tyrone have to consider and counter.

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I think we will win with a bit to spare on the assumption that:

(1) we have a full squad to choose from;
(2) Deano converts 90%+ of the frees; and
(3) when confronted with 13 men behind the ball, the lads are patient, don’t lose the head and probe for a decent chance at the posts (which is par for the course to be fair).

Having said the above, if Tyrone’s defence is momentarily exposed, we need to move the ball quicker and exploit the gaps. Our midfield and half forwards are a bit too fond of running diagonally across the pitch as opposed to putting the head down and accelerating towards goal.

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I think we’ll see O’Gara start as the option for the long fast ball inside before they can reset their defence.

Great link option , he’s perfect for it .

I’d like to see McCarthy revert to wing-back so that he can come off the shoulder, receive a hand pass and break through the first line of the blanket defence. We’re missing out on this option while he plays in midfield. I’m not sure who should join Fenton in the middle. MDMA is usually more effective when he is brought on for the last 20 / 25 minutes. Although I’m not sure if Flynn or anyone else haa enough experience to take up the role from the start.

Exhibit A : AI replay last year . Didnt do too bad .

Think how much we have changed our things. No more CK getting on all the ball and dictating everything. I think we are more direct than last year. He was very quiet yday with Fenton the main playmaker. Dermo could share play making with him v Tyrone.

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