All Ireland SFC 2017 SF Kerry v Mayo, Croke Park, Sunday August 20th, 3.30pm

I’ve locked up the quarter finals thread so we can start discussing the other “Top 4” game here.

Can Mayo keep their form on an upward curve or will Yerra Yerra land prove too strong for them again?

Can see nothing but a Kerry win here. I appreciate the empathic win Mayo had over Roscommon, still doesn’t mask their performances and fallen over the line since they lost to Galway. In fairness Keith Higgins kneeing yer man in the balls didn’t help them in that regard… but still. But AOS is probably having his best year since he was declared the next Jacko so who knows?

though to see anything but a Kerry win here - But Mayo will run them close

I’m in two minds about this, but Kerry win both ways.

Mayo could take the fight to Kerry, and ultimately fall short due to COC Off Day/Curse/Red or Black Card/Keeper Mistake.


Mayo get found out. Kerry go all out from the start, bomb in ball to Donaghy, and Mayo find themselves 2-2 down after 10 minutes. At this point Mayo revert to their defensive setup to stem the damage, and never switch back to their running game, for fear of being exposed. Kerry win by 8.

But this is Mayo, so let’s be honest - anything can happen. I for one will be glued to this one.

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Never a truer word spoken.

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If mayo play like they did against us in the drawn all Ireland they will win.

Can they though.

I don’t think the fitness thing is an issue, it wasn’t against us last year, match fitness is much better than a -v- b games. Adrenaline at getting where they were expected to will also play a part, but if they have been eyeing up a semi as the finishing line since the Galway game it may give them finish line fatigue.

They are both very close… mayo by a point or two.

Mayo by a brass neck.

Mayo seem to lift it as underdogs but can’t see them scoring enough to beat Kerry.

Kerry will be cynical and cut the runs from Boyle, Keegan and the rest at source. Without those runs coming in waves then Mayo just don’t have the firepower to put a top team away. The only hope is the linesmen and umpires actually flag this happening to the ref early doors. Little chance of that happening.

I would prefer a Mayo win but I can see Kerry winning by 3.

Battle of the whingers !! KOTF whinge slightly less so I hope they win and I think they will.

Kerry. Mayo winning as comprehensively as they did on Monday was won’t do them any good. Yerra’s unlikely to be complacent now.

Kerry havent been hugely convincing either, yes maybe they can go up a few gears but we wont know that until they actually have to, but one thing we do know is their backline is very didgy. I have feeling Mayo will do it, Mayo switched on last weekend, Kerry have yet to so IMO.

But can Mayo switch on 2 games in a row. Thats the problem with them. I dont think they can be judged form the Roscommon game as Roscommon where absolutely awful.

Agree you cant judge them on that result, but the was a noticable change in attitude and intensity

Mayo if they play to their potential and strengths .

Go on ya good thing!

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Powerful. Now that’s a word befitting for POTY elect.

Good to see him up his performance against a sh1te team

Sure Keith Higgins was the best player on the pitch

Don’t let that stop the big man getting the prize. Darling of the media.

Although O’Shea has played very well this year I agree completely Higgins has been outstanding even if he never smiles.