All Ireland SFC Final 2016, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park, September 18th

So exactly 5 years to the day since we broke the 16 year drought, can we do back to back or will this finally be Mayo’s year??? Yes, I did type that just for the reaction :smile:

I heard a rumour Mayos name is written on the cup . I can’t tell you who wrote that name on the cup but it has me deeply concerned and I’m away to have a few pints to calm the nerves :sweat::sweat:

All evidence available points to a Dublin win however this shower are getting some amount of luck and decisions in their favour. Once we keep 15 on the pitch we should win.

The way I see it they will need about 3 or 4 instances similar for what happened for Kerry’s first goal today to beat us . Now if that was to happen I’d be amazed .

I’m praying it doesn’t mate. I’m just ecstatic that yet again I’m not planning holidays in September. What a journey this group of players have brought us on. Hero’s, each and everyone of them. Fingers crossed they bring home another one in three weeks time. Up the Dubs


I’m very confident and that worries me.

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That last 10 minutes put me at ease today no end . That horrible , crushing feeling I had at half time subsided once we crawled bk from 5 down . It was going to be a shootout after that . I think Kerry are better than Mayo & have more bottle . We gifted them 2 goals today . It should have been a lot more than a 2 point win . This Mayo team don’t have the same bottle . For them to win they will have to pull off a smash & grab like we did in '11 . Its the only way I see them doing it . There’s no way we will be out fought .

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All depends on which Mayo side shows up. If they play us like the drawn game last year, they could beat us. But they’ve done nothing this year to suggest they could trouble us…

They are due a massive game. But as much as we are worried about that happening they have to worry about us bringing our A game.

Dublin. Easy. Could be a hiding if we play for seventy minutes.

They had a massive game against Tyrone and judging by their reaction afterwards, they thought so too. On the day anything is possible, but it’s hard to see them turning the Dubs over, if the Dubs show up at all.

Loving the confidence lads.

Well done to Dublin yesterday. Great game and come back. Watched it in my local bar. The mix was 50/50 in who was shouting for who. It seemed to me the older people wanted Dublin to win while the younger crowd wanted Kerry to win.

We are up against it for sure and will need to produce a massive performance. We are capable but evidence this year does not look good. That said sport is unpredictable and anything can happen on the day. If we loose there will be no shame in loosing to a great Dublin team despite the bottler and choker slurs that will be thrown our way.


On the evidence of the last two games, I think Bernard can be very worried for his starting place on the 18th of September

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Your form has been patchy but it was only 12 months ago you pushed us to a draw, so i’m taking nothing for granted. There was a lot for Mayo to learn from yesterday, like, why did Kerry stop pushing up - i know it’s a risky strategy at the other end but Mayo will surely do the same for periods. Anyways, too soon to be thinking about that one, need to watch yesterday back again a few times!

Not this year. He has a good record against Mayo as well so I’d expect him to play well.

Kerry did a great job on him yesterday but the half yard is probably not what it was.

Next year I don’t expect him to continue to start but we can see on that one. He’s been an absolutely brilliant player for us. Best Dublin forward I’ve ever seen. Connolly is more naturally talented but Bernard has got the job done more often.

Mick Fitzsimons has every chance of starting in the final I think. I think that’s a more relevant debate.

Paul Flynn lucky enough the wing forward options are practically zero as well

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Mayo have been just doing enough to win, it’s not a bad habit to have. Rochford seems to take each opponent and break them down to devise a specific plan against them. He will have his work cut out to do the same against this Dublin team. The only perceived weakness is the full back line under a high diagonal ball. Mayo have tried that with O’Shea before and it hasn’t worked. I can’t see them using this tactic as a main game plan like Kerry.
Mayo will not be able to just show up in short spells of the game like against Tipp. He needs to try something different to Horan and hope it works.
From the start, I reckon they will deploy 2 sweepers - Moran and McLoughlin, with Moran never venturing forward but McLoughin breaking from deep when they have possession. I think they will rely heavily on the running game of Keegan, McLoughlin, Boyle, Vaughan and D O’Connor. Then try keep A O’Shea around 11 to link up the play to A. Moran and C O’Connor. Personally I don’t think it will be enough, eventually Dublin will break them down and force them to push up and create gaps.

If Mayo are chasing the game I think O’Shea and D. Moran could be thrown into the edge of the square for 10 mins and Mayo will hope for the best with O’Connor and A. Moran on the loop.

If Mayo win it will be because of a tactical masterclass from Rochford. Dublin by 4, Bernard Brogan first goal. He likes playing Mayo.

Lads, you are all forgetting about the hunger and hurt Mayo have. See how that worked for the Yerras:grin: COYBIB

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Mayo cannot win this game leaving COS free in my view. I think they are dead in the water before they start if they do that. You can only beat Dublin by being brave. You may end up getting hammered if it goes pear shaped. But giving Dublin free possession ensures you will lose.

No matter what way you do the maths on this it’s hard to see Mayo winning.

The high diagonal ball isn’t really a weakness in my opinion. It’s the problem of essentially having 3 full backs in the full back line. They all play like full backs.

I think we’ll get away with it for the final but it may need to be revisited it next year.