All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017

It is with the greatest of pleasure, that I declare this thread well and truely open…

Gentlemen, (and Mayoman :wink: ) start your engines…


Dublin. Easy for once.


I see a few familiar faces in the crowd there!

What a wonderful thread title :blush:

It never gets old does it?

Dunno what we’re going to talk about for the next 3 weeks, with no Dermo drama to speak of.

Coddle recipies, the weather, cabals, Game of Thrones?


1974 1977 2013 today fond memories

Amazing to think before 2011 we hadn’t even been in a final since 1995. Since then we’ve been in the final every year bar 2012 and 2014 and won it every time. It’s a special time to be alive to witness such a great group of players


Real look of Cormac Costello off Loftus watching the highlights again .I hope Jim & the gang aren’t forgetting about him .

O rourke again after the match writing on media to split Dublin into two or three seemingly for the better of Dublin footballers but really for the better of the rest of the country
I assume Kilkenny and Kerry will follow suit

Who’s expected to be the ref ?

Could be important! Fully expect Mayo to bring intensity with a dollop of cynicism too

I’d say McQuillan will be most likely.

We’re very short with the bookies at 2/5 and Mayo at 11/4, considering how close recent contests have been and the fact that we haven’t played consistently well in any final under Gavin.

We should have too much for Mayo but they are just very difficult to shake off.

Best of luck to everyone in the ticket hunt!

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I’ve been waiting for us to cut loose and really bury a team in a final, I really hope that this is the year, I’ve a lot of time for the likes of Clarke, Keegan, Boyle and Andy Moran, Paddy Durkan is a good player too even Big Aido has grown on me, the rest I could take or leave.
I’ve always felt that Mayo have a great team spirit but still outside of Andy Moran and COC for frees, and they’ve been inconsistent this year, they really lack top quality forwards.
Loftus seems a good player but Rochford doesn’t trust him it would seem and the younger O’Connor has never fulfilled his underage potential.
It’s 3 in a row for me!

I’ll say one thing if today is anything to go by , theres gonna be alot of this lateral passing going on eating into the clock .The missus was sitting beside me in the stand watching it .She turns to me & goes " this is boring , why won’t they go for a score " .I thought it was brilliant , just wear them down & then work out a an opportunity for a score .

Que a meltdown from the usual suspects invoking ‘Dublin Joe’ etc…

Good luck to me getting home from belgium for this :joy:


Lane hasn’t reffed a semi or quarter this year has he? :worried::worried:

If mayo push up on the kick outs and run at Dublin in numbers they have a chance ish

Think I’ll savour one of the very best performances I’ve seen from a Dublin team a bit more before turning to this game.