All Ireland SFC Final 2017 - Dublin v Mayo, Sunday, September 17, 2017

It hasn’t been devalued

Open to debate in my view .

Isn’t that’s the point of a forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And now more comment about the comments. How about we just debate the subjects or ignore?

But we aren’t debating the subjects Al.

Posted the RTE Radio 1 commentary as an MP3 on this thread in case anyone wants it.


Sweeeeet :blush::blush::blush:

Legend, cheers dude!

So stop viewing it. Personally, I’m enjoying the fu*k out of every little nuance of this historic win. DOn’t even dream of trying to drain any of it from me.


That is factually incorrect.

Great work @whatever, have just listened to the piece with Rock’s winning kick up until the final whistle.

Spine tingling…

The free kick is around 1 hr 50 mins in

Great work Whatever, thanks for that.

TLR, there’s digression in lots of threads and I agree alot of the stuff about media is technically not about the game but the debate is still about the coverage and fallout of/reaction to the game, which is relevant.

I think the point here is more that some people don’t like the ongoing discussion about the media. So maybe those people should have a thread about media and coverage of the Dublin Snr footballers/Dublin GAA etc. Which already exists, or at least in several places. Maybe posts specifically about media coverage should be moved?

Don’t feed the animal. He thrives on replies. Just enjoy it with all it’s critics in full flow. Makes it better in my view! Up the 3 in a row Dubs!

I wouldn’t dream of it. Stick to the weather threads . You’re better at them - oh wait now :thinking:

One thread for the match, at least four for the media coverage. Says it all really.

A board-game thread, including Squabble?

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I think holding ourselves up on a higher moral ground is risky stuff. We are no angels either. If people get away with stuff on the field it is the fault of the rules or the officials. Players push the rules in every serious game in the world. Personally, I can see where Gavin is going with the ‘we play the Dublin way stuff’, but if I wasn’t from Dublin I think I would be tempted to point out some of the stuff Dublin get up to from time to time. Your team’s ‘tough’ player is the other team’s ‘dirty’ player. It always was, and it always will be so.

Personally I think the rules need to be hugely tightened to sort out a load of issues, but there is no great will to do so.


I can see what you’re saying but I think our disciplinary record stands up to any criticism. Since Jim Gavin came on board the discipline in the Dublin camp has been outstanding.

Kerry, Mayo and Tyrone have multiples of yellow/red and black cards compared to Dublin. That fact is never praised by the media.

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Keegan does an enormous amount of body checking and rarely get’s called up on it. As well as with kilkenny, he was at it with Fenton a number of times. If you watch him closely in any of the Dublin attacking moves, he’s invariably doing something illegal/cynicall on the player he’s marking. I’d no sympathy for him or O Connor at the end of the game, while i would have with other players