All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Sunday September 1st 3.30pm

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So , will we have the requisite slow start to this. I’d have no problem with a few points between each team at ht. Not a fan of big leads early in games. Even when we were up by 10 points yesterday , there was a slight eek moment when Keegan scored.

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Dublin 3-14 Kerry 1-10

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8 to 10 point win would reflect the difference in quality between the two teams.
This is the worst Kerry 1-9 I’ve seen in my lifetime.
In the forwards Clifford is class and will need to be watched, young O’Shea will punish any indiscipline and Geaney can be dangerous.
Would love if they started Tommy Walsh and tried to just launch ball in, it would be curtains for them.
But is a final and anything can happen but cannot see anything other than a Dublin win.

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They have shored that defence up the last 3 games in fairness, McShane roasting aside.

But in a shootout, you are going to fancy Dublin everytime.

O’Brien is class and their poty… assuming he will win his appeal!!

I expect Kerry to get a goal or two but ultimately there is no stopping this team they are as complete as the Chicago Bulls Dynasty circa 1991 - 1998, they were a beautiful team and Dublin are very similar

It will be interesting to see how many Kerry people travel for this considering their pitiful attendance for the final, I really think it’s ours to loose and I’d love if we gave them a really good spanking before their youth blooms

85/90 euro for stand, 50 for the Hill ??

Dublin at their ease. Same as yesterday. Close for a while but it won’t end well for Kerry.

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I agree the Dubs will probably win this comfortably based on all evidence to hand, but this young team will take tremendous heart from making the leap from Super 8’s failures to All Ireland finalists and we may see a spike in performance, though not sufficient to overturn an outstanding Dublin team.

They have in their nelly. One man forward line hits 18 points.

This year is a success for Kerry regardless. A league and championship final is good going with a young team. Realistically, I’m sure Kerry management are looking at 2020 as the potential year to win the championship. Now Dublin could be complacent coming into the final, but everything else would say otherwise.

Spillane singling out the troubles of Dublin full back line for last couple years. He wasn’t saying much about Kerry today. Foley and Morley both roasted.

I wonder will Murchan mark O’Brien in final? Will he have power to mark him. O’Brien very good at putting head down and winning frees. Has a tendency to grab opposition player near hand.

Kerry 1-6, Dublin 1-7. A very defensive game by Kerry and heavy rain with high winds from the southwest(even stormy at sea) will make conditions and scoring rather difficult. Temperatures will also be below normal for the time of year.
Winning score will be from Philip McMahon with a late goal.
First goal - Clifford.
MOTM - John Small.
Connolly to start but will be blackguarded.
Brogan to come on and get Assist of The Match.

Anyone seen the video of the incident in the Meath game that earned O’Brien the black card they will be appealing?

Was pretty similar to that prick’s sending off last night. Random run to attack one of Meath half backs.

Should have been straight red, so maybe this is going to be the basis for their appeal!

They have a few loose cannons including Walsh who seem to run on short fuse. Sherwood the same which is probably why he didn’t start.

Be different to Tralee when they acted the bollox in league so cant even see their usual scumbaggery gaining much traction. Ref selection could be important though.

Not Deegan!

2 man forward line… but as I said, McShane roasting aside, it’s a damn sight better than the Cork game.

I’m not saying I think they will be able to contain Dublin but they have obviously tried hard to work on their defence.

Thought Murchan done very well when he came on,on Saturday. He seems to have filled out a bIt as well?

I’d be surprised if Jim changed anyone in 1-7, even though I thought Fitz was poor enough on Saturday, especially first half. (Made a great block though)

I’d have thought Small would probably be the man to track SOB?

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Em, what?

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SOB apparently ruled out of final on black cards picked up, Kerry are appealing according to the news? We’re all black cards clear or is it likely to be turned over?

Second that… was literally nothing like it

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