All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Sunday September 1st 3.30pm

You probably would not have that opinion if you were a member of Setanta!

Under what rule is this a free?

There is an aspect there I don’t like alright. But I was talking about football!

As I said I feel technically what he did was a free, he went for the man not the ball and it wasn’t a shoulder, but like the peno incident, it would very rarely be blown, for that reason I feel the ref singled out Jonny for treatment, he reffed him strictly following the black and white of the written rule, whereas he did not apply the same to clifford and used common sense.

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JC nearly gave away early pen so please stop winging about tackles and Goughs decisions, this is big boys football and closed fist tackles are the norm these days.

Norm as in within the rules? And the so called closed fist tackle was a dig in the ribs.


He says it 3 or 4 times.

It starts inside and finished outside but there is as much contact as their penalty.

If you weren’t so selective about what you read and reply to, you would have noticed that I have actually said that I believe Gough did a reasonably good job. So go and f*ck off with your WUM-ing.
And since you’re on about “big boys football”, will you mention that to Bambi Clifford the next time you see him. I wish my Mrs went down as willingly as he did in the drawn match.


I’ll refer this over to Qoute of the Week.

Maybe if you got Gough into your bedroom to referee?

You can only make contact with a player if you’re both going for the ball, if you make contact with a player when you have no intention of playing the ball it’s a foul, hence why a third man tackle isn’t allowed.

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Count down on , attention turns to who starts who doesn’t, where we all pretty much got the starting 15 correct last time I have a feeling there may be a bigger shake up than expected,subs bench also will be very interesting, funnily didn’t really do nerves last time round now , big week big decisions, will Bernard EOG Eric get a jersey ? Do we plan for Moran or tell Fenton to play his own game , is there a plan for Walsh coming on , does Murchan see off J Small , has Paddy Small played his way out of managers favor? When do you roll the dice with Dermo ? So many permutations, as said have a feeling team n bench will be freshened up but as for who why etc haven’t a notion

2 changes Damo.

Finally agree on something!!!

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gough made a balls of the game the last day, for me anyway. juvenile gay jokes are still not funny. let’s keep it to the football.


Second that

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I third that - c’mon lads we can do better than that.

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Think that’s what most have been saying Small and MDMC being dropped, not sure why I’ve nothing other than a hunch , we may see something that’s not being predicted happening