All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Sunday September 1st 3.30pm

Likely to get off his second one versus Meath.

Madness the rule is carries from league into championship.



Cork have a better forward line than Tyrone though

They shipped 1-20 to Donegal and 1-13 to a Meath team that managed 4 points against us. You’re entitled to your opinion RD but if that’s your idea of ‘tightening up’, remind me never to let you near the plumbing in my gaff.


Not a hope a player will miss an all ireland for 3 black cards. Better off if he doesnt miss it, leaves them no excuses

To be honest, he’s a good ref, but I hope he doesn’t get it. There’s too much chance that he’ll over compensate after all the moaning from Kerry after 2016.


I find it mad how often cards and decisions are overturned in the GAA, surely having to overturn decisions so often highlights the poor standard of officiating in the sport? You don’t see many appeals overturned in other sports


They don’t want to know. Fingers in the ears. Everything is ok.

It’s the nettle the GAA refuses to grasp.

Don’t think anyone has quite realized the magnitude of the game this will be. It’s uncharted territory for all of us. This is the biggest game in the GAA since 2010 for hurling and 1982 for football. It’s the biggest game in Dublin GAA history. None of us ever have, and probably never will be in this position again.

So we’ve got to enjoy the build up, and everything that involves. The media mudslinging, Kerry giving out about everything, endless people tipping Kerry purely in hope they win rather than expectation. We as Dublin fans have a great tendency to be incredibly defensive of our team and not hear a bad word said, and usually I’d be in that boat. But let them all at it for the next 3 weeks. Let them all take the cheap shots at us, let them try take us off our pedestal, while bigging up Kerry as the saviors of the game. It is a position every other county would give anything to be in.

August 2009 Kerry beat us by 17 points and I felt an All Ireland was never further away. So for us to be in a position 10 years later where we’re aiming to achieve a feat never before completed in the 135 year history of the GAA is truly unbelievable. Look, there’ll be endless negative media that’ll frustrate us over the next few weeks, but I’ll take that any day over pats on the back and 1/4 final hidings.

I really hope everybody realizes the magnitude of this game and the overall meaning of it. Regardless of the result, it’ll be a game talked about in 50 years time. What a position for us to be in as fans now for the next 3 weeks. It’ll be nerve wrecking at times, but I think we’ve got to realize how lucky we are to be where we are now, and also not to take for granted that we may never be in this position again.

So enjoy it, embrace it, and take everything in over the next 3 weeks. History awaits.


Fixed that for ye

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Whatever the outcome, they’ll be making RTE shows about this game. It will be on ‘Reeling in the Years’, probably preceded by 1982.

And so it begins. Yerra Yerra Billy

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Funnily enough, I have a lot of faith in our players blocking off the hype that surrounds the match. I think they are in a self created bubble and block off from the media anyway ( it can be done!) and will see this as just another big game to prepare for. I don’t think the likes of Con or Mannion really spend time looking back on videos of the 70s and 80’s to be honest.

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Billy’s never been the same since Michael Jackson wrote that song about him.



And we shipped 1-17 to Cork.

I don’t think they will be able to contain Dublin forwards as I said above, just my opinion that it is in better condition than versus Cork.

Gough is the best referee out there but I’d but worry if he was charge of final against Kerry. Since the 2016 game against Kerry when they questioned his integrity he has given us little in games. Kerry with their sour grapes as usual with crap about him about Gough managing a Kev Mc feile team at St Judes. The yerras will push a agenda against whoever is refeering anyway.


The Irish Times know their GAA …

Clifford regains his crown

For less than 24 hours on Saturday evening, David Clifford lost the crown he had held since his senior career debut – no longer was he the incumbent player of his generation. That pendulum had swung back in Con O’Callaghan’s favour, his man-of-the-match performance pushing the final dagger into Mayo’s ageing heart.

Yesterday afternoon arrived and the Fossa man reminded us all of why he deserves to be garlanded with such a title. It’s not just his physicality and scoring prowess, it’s his intelligence and instinct, and the fact that he still has a few years in hand on his Dublin counterpart, that sets him apart.

Jaysus they say we hype dublin players. Clifford kicked some nice scores to be fair but jesus wept the hot air around him is something else. Not his fault of course.


Laying the ground for him to get YPOTY and POTY regardless of how he plays in the final.

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