All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Sunday September 1st 3.30pm

Anyone know what type of injury caused Mannion to go off ? I saw him go down a few mins before leaving pitch. He didn’t look comfortable at all coming off

Was coming in here to ask this question too. Didn’t look like an impact injury, so that’s worrying.

Looking forward to this. We will win by 7/8 I think. I’d imagine Kerry will just write off how much we are going to score and then hope to somehow score more. I can see us kicking 2-18+ against that defence and cant see them getting near that. Con and Mannion are probably the best we’ve ever had, so good.

Watched Kerry closely yesterday, no energy or physicality or forward line in first half, and a completely different beast in second half. O’Shea, Clifford, Geaney and O’Brien all very good. Who will mark O’Shea? if we play Cian at 6 he tends to hold the Centre so we may need someone else to keep an eye on SO’Shea.

Anyway, will be an entertaining run up, and a game littered with great scores and brilliant forwards but we will outgun them

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Just thinking also - Dubs and Kerry both beat Mayo by 10 points in the Championship, we have the Cork game also which we ended up being more impressive than they were. Any other good markers?

90 for a stand ticket, nice one Johnny Horn

They beat us in the league. Whether that’s a good marker or not is another question .

The only change in the match day 26 i see is maybe bugler to drop out and Rory O’Carroll to come in. We’ve plenty of forward coverage but maybe Rory might be required to go on Tommy Walsh for the last 20 minutes or so. Apart from that tinkering with McCarthy/MDMA/Cian O’Sullivan axis probably same XV to start.

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Be grateful you’re not having to pay for a return flight from Sydney!! Who the hell thought it was a good idea to go travelling the year we’re going for 5-in-a-row :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


And Mayo won the league, so nope, nobody will pay it heed, except for the odd pundit who has a few final minutes to fill.

8 All Ireland finals this decade gents, after the startled earwigs , who would of predicited this?

A great time to be alive.


…and two years still to go in the decade


Heard he was out on the pitch at the end without any ice pack, which is encouraging.

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Are you sure, is the start of the decade 2020 or 2021?

It is, but he was moving very gingerly after the game

The fact he walked off the pitch himself is encouraging. At the time I just thought it looked like a dead leg or something. Fingers crossed anyway, 3 weeks till the final is a nice period for recovery.

Dead legs get ice!!! Didn’t see any impact injury at all.

I’m very worried about him. 3 weeks is a bit short if it is a muscle tear. Cryogenic, oxygen tents, ice baths and injections at the ready!

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Watch out for poisonous jellyfish.

I didn’t see the ice pack… a few weeks of water and a wet sponge and he’ll be good.

It’ll take an awful lot to keep Mannion out of the final but given how tight the camp is I won’t be surprised if we have no news at all and we keep Kerry guessing too.


There wasn’t one. That’s my point!!!

Sorry, I read @URoy’s post wrong, I thought it said he was wearing an ice pack, my bad.