All-Ireland SFC Final Replay, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Saturday 14th September 2019, 6pm

May as well get this going. Maybe we can discuss the build up to the replay here from now on and leave the drawn game’s discussion as it is, for the drawn game?


Going to be a long 2 weeks!!

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2 changes! :sweat_smile:


A few lads went off at the end, i’d like i think it was more fatigue/cramp rather than anything that would keep them off the next day. Hope I’m right!

On the defensive matchups, I think we should stick with Small on O Brien, Byrne on Geaney and Mick Fitz on Clifford. Cooper should play the Cian O Sullivan role in more of a sweeper role something he is very good at – Hope Cian will be back fully fit for two weeks time to be an option at least from the bench.

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Small didnt reappear after what I thought was a blood sub…unusual seeing as it looked like it was a hand injury

According to Indo, Small and COS doubtful.

Major blow there, especially small.

The fact Lowndes didn’t even make the panel you would assume Howard would be moved back

Can’t afford that. Already thin for cover at the back. They’ll need Lowndes back on the panel if he is fit.

Agree, hopeful its the Indo scraping the barrel for filler stories.

I’m wore out already😂

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What’s wrong with Small?

I can only guess it’s the blood injury he picked up on Sunday.

i think the indo report has been lifted from some of the comments here

You could be right Bosco. Reading McStay in the times (I don’t know what I do it to myself) but a lot of the reports fail to acknowledge that we had 14 men, as if it didn’t matter. The narrative for the next two weeks will be to rejoice that Kerry are back.

Naturally enough, Kerry’s odds have narrowed after Sunday but the bookies still have Dublin as warm favourites. Typically, Dublin 30/100 and Kerry 100/30. The spread is 4 points.

small could be concusion, he took a bad knock to the neck and head, only speculation or it could be his hand injury is worse then it looked

When he went down it seemed an eternity before the physio’s got on I thought, didn’t look like he was examined for concussion on the pitch but if it turns out to be then it’s a worry for Saturday week, Clifford was on the deck up the other end of the pitch, pushing and shoving going on then another player hit the ground (didn’t catch who with all the excitement) it was like a war zone of old

at half time if i had been told we’d get a draw, even though we were four up, id have been delighted. i was fearing that with the extra man they would complete what they had been doing first half which was to score a few goals. i was wondering what exactly JG would be doing at half time, where would be change, would be lose someone from the forward division by cascading lads backwards.

In the event, it was the kerry line who blinked. Playing a double sweeper when a man up says a lot of where they thought their defence was against us, and it was accurate enough. Yes, they got in for goal chances during the match, but the defence doesnt finish on the 21 yard line and clearing a goal off the line is as good as intercepting it further out in my book. While out defence was stopping them our attack was scoring. There were two periods in the match, coming up to the red card and coming up to the 60th min, when i felt that we were easing away. We were 5 up on both occasions, and we were looking like scoring to match their points our end. We know what changed that, on both occasions. Cooper was told what was coming by the ref, a lucky bounce for kerry got the ball away from byrne. Other teams would have buckled, we didnt and again, after a few mins of Kerry on top, we were on top for the final 15 mins.

for a team down a man for 42 mins, to have three shots at winning (and we wound undoubtedly have won had any of them gone in) at the end and kerry unable to get out of their 45 it says plenty. i am very happy that a lot of the media and kerry people (cousin lives down there) are ignoring that basic fact. Does it mean we win next day, i think it does, but what do i know. like sunday, kerry will score (interesting how low the scores actually were for the much vaunted best forward lines in the country) but like sunday i think if we have 15 on them (mick fitz did well on clifford) saturday week we will get over the line. not by much, but it’ll be enough.

cant add anything different to the gough situation, think he favoured kerry on several occasions when you compare like ofr like with dublin situations. I also thought that the dublin players were able to escape/go through the kerry defence and forward lines more easy in possession, on the other token there were a fair few brain farts when under no pressure at all.

I feel the lack of competitive games was telling on us at times, we were mentally blunt on occasion, but will be sharper now. I think it also has spilled over to the fans, a lot are getting a bit unused to what a proper game looks like and what happens in them, to judge by some of the over reactions (not here) to run of the mill situations.

Kerry did mix up their attacking tactics, they tried route 1, got the penalty, but that was it, it wasnt a success again. They went diagonal a few times in the second half, but abandoned that as well. If we employ the sweeper we will nullify a lot of their potential to goal. If they do likewise (and they will), they wont.

It was telling that small, even with the yellow, kept his composure and played well.

a friend who was in the upper davin said that connolly’s shot was not that far wide. the hawkeye point that wasnt was disappointing but that is the rule.

Perhaps a ref here can explain the “noting” and “yellow card” sequencing regarding the Cooper/O’Sullivan transgressions I have read the posts here and i am still not sure, but maybe its simply that gough should have ticked him at one point but didn’t, (?) the man himself thought it was gone.

we live to fight on, we finished the stronger, they clung on. thats the tale of the tape.


as usual the gaa media havn’t a clue. all their predictions beforehand are in shite, but lets just ignore it and move on. you can tell how few of these gays actually go to matches,and watch from the comfort of the TV at home. they all go to the all ireland and afterwards they shift from saying dublin are going to win 7 or 8 in a row to kerry will be winning in two weeks.

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excellent summary dubintipp - agree with the section above in particular. on at least two occasions we had defenders caught out by dawdling on the ball too long, very unlike this team and just smacked of a team thats found things too easy this year. we cut those mistakes out and dominated for spells. like you say the two turning points should have won the game for kerry but the reality is they saved them and so much of the so called analysis since is as if it was 15 v 15.

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