All-Ireland SFC Final Replay, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Saturday 14th September 2019, 6pm

There are alternatives to Scully . Connolly or Costello would do better imo.


Scully seems a v integral part of Jim’s plan … can’t see him been dropped

Well he should be.

I don’t think that’s far fetched at all. The guys that were on have the capacity to adapt their game. With 15 men on, we would have won that by 5 points or more (although the fact we didn’t have 15 on was caused by Kerry pressure, so that does need addressing somehow).

Skully never being dropped is the knock on effect on 2014, Connolly was converted to a workhouse with Kilkenny offering serious defensive cover. I dont see anyone else on the line offering what skully does. (A fully conditioned Connolly aside)

I’ll take that. Thank you good sir fir putting my mind at ease! Cheque in the post.

As much as getting more out Fenton, we need to curtail David Moran. He’s a big leader for Kerry and got through some amount of work. Our lads were bouncing off him as he charged forward. That’s got to be inspiring for his team mates, so he needs stopping. I expect Jamesie to pick him up. I still don’t understand the Jack Barry effect on Fenton. Barry seems very limited.

I see joe Brolly is starting a new love affair with the Kerry boys.

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Not true… Joe’s only true love is Joe. He’s just flirting with them.


Can’t argue with that.

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Bang on the money

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That Spillane article is pure Sh1te.

The amount of holes and lies in the article is astonishing.

I also hate the cliche of ‘who ever learns more from first game will win’. What a load of rubbish.

Pat you’re a Sh1tehawk

It is because he is never really one on one v Fento, Adrian Spillane helpt him out quite a bit.

A lot of cheerleading from the Kerry brigade last week with another 100 articles/ sound bites to come this week

That’s ok but if they lose the sane cheerleaders would run the same Kerry players under a bus this winter. As they don’t take defeat well

It’s Kerry’s world and we are all living in it! Like ■■■■! :joy:

Would agree with that. People being far too critical of Scully. If you look back on either of the last two games, he got himself into great positions at key times. Himself and Howard complement one another very well.

Scully has made some bad shooting decisions in games this year including last week, but he was not the only one.

And there is no one that can replace him for a full 80 minutes.

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That, from start to finish, is just not true or at best, a bit waffly. It may feel nice to type the words but he has done precious little this year to deserve to keep his starting Jersey. Not personal, but true. Apart from the ‘getting into good positions’, what has he done? ‘There is no-one that can replace him’…really? I think not but tell me why?

Totally disagree tbh.

Weather looking calm dry and probably sunny for Saturday.