All-Ireland SFC Final Replay, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Saturday 14th September 2019, 6pm

What club are you with?

You sure he had a shot last week?

Scully is a bit of marmite really. You get it or you don’t. I feel it’s all about balance the team.

I like him. I think he performs a lot fo un-noticed stuff. Remember the Mayo game after our passing around the back line, our out ball in those closing minutes was Niall. He very rarely coughs up possession. and while he’s not spectacular, he is Mr. Dependable. He has snook into the sweet spot several times over the last few years to pick up poachers goals.


Stuck in and laid on a few goals from those positions if I remember correctly, I understand folks suggesting a change but between that and saying he does f… all is a world apart

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Scully has never done anything wrong with Dublin. But it’s full metal jacket next week, and I think we need more scoring personally from 10-12. Which is why I’d pick Costello at 11,

We will need to keep an impact player or 2 from the bench. Cormac and Kev Mc may be our best option for that!

I’m going to assume at this stage, Jim doesn’t have him in to score 3 or 4 scores a game! He is the link man


What club are you with? Or are you not involved with a club? Costello would not make a centre forward if he was born again of the blessed virgin Mary.


I don’t think Costello is good enough in the half forwards, much better closer to goal.

Ha snap

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Haha! That’s class. Another QOTW contender… Think it’s time to resurrect the thread!

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I like that. I shall use that with zeal.

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If someone is offering very little, why do you think no one else could do better?


Told you before I used to be with Isles. Good few years ago,

As others have said, Scully fills a role at which he has been proficient and don’t see anyone coming in that might do that for full game.

It’s only relatively recently too that Howard has been regarded as a must start. Some were questioning him this time last year.

Problem and questioning from last week is rooted in a game where in large part due to Kerry, a lot of things did not gel, and a few players looked uncomfortable for a long time. But they got their act together so no need to reinvent the wheel. Would not start Costello in place of Scully.

(Don’t think that would go down well with another Islesman :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t start Costello either instead of Scully. No way. Costello coming of the branch with 10/15 to go is a must for me.

Now would I start DC instead of Scully? Now that’s a question I get butterflies over. Would ya could ya? Massive risk.


Which is why Jim Gavin is the man we trust. He’s never let us down since 2014. That’s a heck of a streak. This is in the bag lads. Chill.


Scored 1-2 in the last few games and gave Jack the final pass for goal of the season in the final, easy to say here that the pass was easy, it is not easy to find yourself in so much space when playing with 14 and then execute the pass to perfection, these lads are playing at 100mph and seeing all the options is not as easy as it looks.


This is true. In General Jim we trust.


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Cooper was on pitch at time of goal? Playing with 15