All-Ireland SFC Final Replay, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, Saturday 14th September 2019, 6pm

Did you have a different username on here before? You remind me of a lad I used to converse with regularly here from Crokes.

Not saying I would do it, but it should not be a massive risk at this stage and if it is Connolly should not be in the 26, no player should be in the 26 if there is any doubt whatsoever about their capacity. I think the Tyrone game was used to find out where both lads were and I think Jim took his decision from there, Connolly was up to it and Rory needs more time. Fitness is not a problem here, as both are more than likely super fit, but sharpness etc is and Rory lost out a bit there. That does not mean that Suddenly we will find the Connolly of his best years, but I reckon Jims feels he could put in a decent shift if not he wouldn’t be there.

Costello has played Centre forward for Gavin I’m pretty sure. As well as numerous underage teams. You could play him 14 with Con at 11, but wouldn’t want to move Con away from the goal. So ,while not ideal, i would play him 11.

No I didn’t, using this name for years. If you were talking to a Crokes fella I’d be pretty sure who it was!!! (his user name here was CHill or something).

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If Fento not fit then may Connolly to midfield

Yep he was, why?

Well we have no option but to believe him. But yeah, disaster in 2014, pretty much foot perfect since. Up to last week I would say, when I thought he needed subs in a lot earlier.

But yeah easy to have faith in Jim in fairness.

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Tumbles, I know you are Isles. I was asking Aldo. I’ve asked twice now. He doesn’t answer.

No for me.

“It’s not easy to find yourself in so much space playing with 14 and then execute the pass to perfection”

Dublin were playing with 15 when he made that pass not 14

He said kilmacud.

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But you are clearly on drugs, are you not??? A lad who is about 11 stone who has never played there in championship for Dublin? We should stick him in there now?

It’s just an opinion. Not on drugs, no.

Most felt, myself included that the subs should have been on earlier, but looking back on the game, maybe it was a very clever decision, he held on as long as Kerry were not opening a gap, he knew there would be a good bit of added time and then when Kerry were getting really tired he threw on a bunch of fresh lads that IMO had a much bigger impact than they were given credit for, they completely put Kerry on the back foot. Had we brought them on gradually throughout the second half, maybe Kerry would have adapted, but Kev Mc and Muchan were popping up all over the place and it upset Kerry big time, from our point of view it was about saving the game rather than going all out to win it.

Not easy with 15 either :laughing:

That’s okay! I was joking Aldo!


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It’s never a dull moment around here lads I’ll give yiz that.

Yeah take your point, might be merit in this.

I notice a lot of the chat here before games is what the opposition will do, how we will counter it and with who. Who we might drop or change to suit playing them, how we might change formation approach etc.

We don’t talk much about what we might do. How we might impose ourselves on them. How we might have Peter Keane looking at his fellow selectors while scratching his head. Look at the 12 minutes v Mayo. Barring an earthquake there was nothing going to stop that - it was perfection. We need to get them on the back foot. They cannot set the terms or dictate the play.

The drawn game with a man less made this more difficult though we acquitted ourselves well and were the dominant team for most of the second half. Imo we most certainly have the better players so should win most 1v1 battles.

A key area I believe is the FF line. I would instruct Mannion and Rock to play on the touch lines and tell BH and NS to also stay wide and sit deep early on. I would play as much early ball into Con as possible - even if there is a sweeper there. Murphy is not able to play the role of getting between passer and forward. I think Con would make hay and it would force them into more defensive mode - likely withdrawing a third midfielder which should give us a better platform there.