All Ireland SFC Semi-Final, Dublin v Kerry, Croke Park, 28th August 2016

Let the debate begin.

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Any idea what the ticket situation is?

Tomorrow on sale I think…Only tickets at the mo are corporate 185 Euro each

So we are where we expected to be. Kerry have been targeting this game for a year. It will be interesting to see what they have planned

Is there any chance McCarthy will be fit for this ??

Got our tickets leaving Croker yesterday on Was in a queue from leaving the hogan stand till o was halfway up Dorset Street. Stupid to allow tickets on sale that soon after one of the games

What’s the story with Dermo? Will he be suspended considering it was a black card that followed the initial yellow? Can’t see McCarthy making the semi either.

If the two of them are missing can we afford to lose Kilkenny and Dermo in our HF line? Some big calls to be made by Jim if the two lads are out for the next day.

Yes. Too early yesterday but usually 4-6 weeks would be recovery time, so it could be right but there is a chance. He was warming up with others on the sideline at different stages of the game which would indicate recovery is going well.

On the game itself, handicap is -3 and I will be backing that alright. Don’t see enough about this current Kerry team to trouble Dublin. They quite simply don’t seem to have enough players of the required quality and all-round athleticism to compete for 70 mins. Don’t get me wrong, I would have a few of them in the Dublin team but not enough.

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No classic please, any old win will do.

Just think, a Dublin win would probably lead to the retirement of Donaghy, O’Mahony and possibly Colm Cooper. Fitzmaurice would get the boot too.

I don’t expect anything innovative from Kerry but they’ll probably throw the kitchen sink at us and hope it will do on the day.

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Terrible drivel from Galvin Klein in the Sunday Times. (It’s behind a pay wall, so I can’t post a link.)

He met some random Dub at the Galway Races, who was already looking ahead to a Mayo/Dublin final, completely disregarding any threat that Kerry pose to Dublin. Cue loads of offense taken & dire warnings about Dublin believing in their own hype & being up for a fall. Same old, tired Kerry crap.

Dunno why, but I was expecting more from him. To say I didn’t get it, would be a massive understatement.


Surprised alright, like no one ever met a cocky Kerry fan

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Many things to think about, 2 of which seem top of the pile. Whether to keep Kilkenny out of the front 6 and what to do about our midfield.

There’s a very good argument, I think, for keeping Kilkenny in the role he played yesterday for the Kerry game. While it seemed like a very smart response to McCarthy’s absence, it really added a lot. Much more ball went through him than usually would and that seemed to be for the better. If McCarthy isn’t fit in time then the problem solves itself. Play Kilkenny in the role he played yesterday and keep the rest as was. But if McCarthy is fit in time (hopefully he is) then maybe O’ Sullivan could be pushed into midfield, alongside Fenton, with MDMA/Bastic dropping out. Or maybe McCarthy just slots back into his position but Kilkenny also stays closer to the middle. Depends on whether you want to keep Kev and Paddy on the starting 15. And also on whether Mannion has made a case for himself to start. I think what we saw yesterday is the best deployment of Kilkenny yet. It was an adaptation to personnel loss but it worked an absolute treat.

Pushing O’ Sullivan into midfield would amount to too much tinkering: his sweeper role is an important part of how we play now. And he does it so well, despite yesterday’s uncharacteristic hiccup. But the options Kilkenny provides outside of the front 6 really are really worth considering after yesterday. And maybe worth sticking with. That plus we might need to find somebody to play alongside Fenton as for whatever reason MDMA and Bastic don’t seem to be as solid as they have been. So while O Sullivan is a road tested option I’d keep him in sweeper. Which could mean that Flynn, maybe, does the job alongside Fenton in midfield. He’d need to forget about his hooked after about 20 minutes role in the earwigs game, which I suspect is long behind him now. But you’d never know.

Lots to think about anyway. Gavin is lucky to have these selection dilemmas. As are we!

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Nah. That’s not what I meant. He wants to build an active career in the media/journalism (not just sports journalism) for its own sake, as opposed to just taking a regular pay check from the Indo, to supplement his regular day job as a teacher or whatever. So I just expected more from him, than the usual tired cliches.

Paul Kimmage was doing the newspaper review a few weeks ago and he rated Galvins first column for the Times. Said it was poorly written & didn’t really say anything all that insightful, that he couldn’t get by watching the Sunday Game. He seemed to be expecting more too.

Galvin’s article is woeful . Met two cocksure dubs who were drinking pints of hype apparently and then said if you were to multiply the pair of them by half the population of Dublin it equates to a diseased county . Riddled with hype .
In the first instance I hope he’s not a maths teacher and he is certainly not a journalist .


As has been said before the last few Dub v Kerry games we are just simply better than Kerry at the minute. If we perform and not ridden by whoever refs the game we should win. The talk from the Kerry media of the hurt and hunger that’ll drive Kerry on is bull.

Kerry will struggle from 1-9 against us. They are between a rock and a hard place with their half back line. Morley and OBeaghlach will really struggle against our HF line. Midfield wit Donaghy in it ain’t going to get better of ours. Full back line will struggle also. They are dangerous up front with Geaney and ODonoghue. But if we defend as well as we did yesterday would be confident we’ll do job on them again.

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Quite worried about this one.

I think Kerry have a reasonable chance of beating us- more so then last year. But it depends on their selection. If Fitzmaurice is brave and backs youth from 1-9 similar to the Clare game I think they have a real shot.
Having someone like Gooch to come off the bench in the last 20 could be a game changer for them. I think their forwards will really trouble our backs. Midfield will decide the game. If Donaghy starts then I think we’ll win- if it’s Maher and Moran then midfield will be a battle.

Agree with all of that bar the bit about the midfield. Maher is finished. Moran has been destroyed by Fenton last few times they’ve played too. I don’t think midfield is a concern here but I think we really need James back for this one.

Declan o Sullivan wrote a good article in which he said Fenton was a real game changer because he has a yard of pace on Moran . It makes it difficult for them to push up on our kickouts because Fenton is likely to field it .

Unless Kerry have something we’ve yet to see I think we should win . But in a similar situation to the one yesterday they would punish us . Discipline has to be a focus . A sending off could derail us.

Id start with Bastick and pray McCarthy is fit . If our half forward line and half back line are all available I think we win .


Nobody here mentioned the fact they have a real problem with a free taker outside of Bryan Sheehan