All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Mayo, Croke Park Saturday August 10th 2019 5pm

Let’s discuss.

Dublin to win pulling up at last.

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Hope we absolutely obliterate them.And finally give them the pasting they deserve.The most overated team EVER.Play ball and they are fooked…and well hogan knows it…rant over see you all saturday

Mayo will give it everything they’ve got but very hard to see this Dublin team being beaten. They have most definitely gone backwards since 2017 while Dublin look stronger. Dublin playing the game at faster pace and more direct which will make it harder for Mayo to keep it tight.

Mayo have lost the likes of Parsons, OConnor and Doherty looks banjaxed for next Sat while the likes of Vaughan struggling to get in despite the injuries. Still dependent on 36 year old Moran up front. Half back line still very string but full back line not what it was.

No doubt it’ll be a battle but if we keep our heads and play to our level then Dublin win.

Hope we absolutely bury them. The wankfest in the media is well and truly under way

Have to say I’m nervous about this that law of averages keeps playing in me head


And of all the teams to stop us :nauseated_face:. Who the ref is may be crucial. Hope to christ it isn’t Neilan or Lane

i am really nervous about this next game .


Imo, this is a bigger banana skin than the final. At some stage, the pressure of the five in a row may make people do strange things and seem almost human! Once we win, I’ll be happy.

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Yep. Even if it’s by a point as a result of a deflection off Aido’s arse


Would have loved Donegal myself as they are the only team left we owe one to as far as I am concerned.But I have no doubt dublin will prevail next w/end.Think the starting 15 will Putin the performance of the year.

Didn’t know Vladamir was into his football. We’re sure to win now :grin::grin::grin:


Mayo are there to be exposed by a team with their shooting boots on. They can lift their game I give them that as against us in the knock out game and against Donegal last night but the horror wides are still there front and centre good example was Keegans wild wide near the end. The Dubs can beat themselves its always possible on a given day and Mayo are experts at slowing games down with fake head injuries for example. If its wet and slippy conditions it will favour Mayo running Dublin close. The Dubs surely have the scores in them to put Mayo away it is a banana skin though as Mayo rightly realise now they have nothing to lose and will throw themselves at the Dubs and that borefest today isnt a good prep for Dublin at all.

When are tickets on sale to the general public?

Mayo have absolutely nothing to lose on Saturday which makes it very interesting,you’d think the rest would really play into our hands but this is mayo they prove people wrong

At the moment weather is bad Friday /Saturday…really bad.And before anyone jumps down me throat yes the forecast I go by is usually spot on…

Has the potential to be very messy. There’ll be huge demand via clubs yet virtually no time to get orders in. Then they put some on sale to the general public and clubs possibly lose out. In both counties.

It has the makings of one of those GAA ticket mishaps that’ll keep Joe busy for days

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And we’re off!!

Dublin 1/5 bookies don’t give mayo a chance

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