All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Dublin vs Cavan, Croke Park, Saturday December 5th, 5:30pm

I’m not sure many would have predicted this one.

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Cavan by 10+

You’re welcome @GuyIncognito


Same semi final lineups as in 1920, when Tipp beat Dublin in the final.

I wonder will they wear alternative jerseys?

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McConnville screeching for a “Neutral Venue” :roll_eyes:

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Bring it on.

The Dubs - The Covid Tour 2020.

Tiresome at this stage. The main reason I dont look at the vast majority of media coverage since Racheal on Sky got knocked up.

Galligan v Fenton will be some battle

Hopefully Cooper and Bulgers injuries heal up

Bugler finished the game, he’s fine.

They could play it on the moon for all the good it will do Cavan.


Imagine how high Fenton could jump on the moon…


We will be listening to this neutral nonsense for the next 2 weeks then Mayo for Sam until the final. Afterwards it will be all about money and break up the Dubs. Meanwhile we will have cruised to the 6 in a row. Great days to be a blue.


I wonder if the handicap will be the highest ever for an all Ireland semi final

In around the 12 mark I reckon

What a farce it’s all become

And deny the Cavan players their chance to play All Ireland semi final in Croke Park? Yeah I’d say the Cavan players would be happy with that. McConville presumably wants the All Ireland Final outside Dublin too if we make it. Or maybe Dublin only play with 13 players. Usual nonsense from the ABD brigade. There’ll be a lot of this over the next few weeks.


Why ?

Could play the semi final anywhere, Dublin are 1/100 with Paddy Power, that can’t have ever happened in a game so late in the championship.

Cavan have achieved their goal, they will have a cut off Dublin but they don’t have anywhere near enough quality to get within 10.

Not guilty …

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How can you have a cut off someone and not get within 10 ?