All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Kerry v Tyrone, Croke Park Sunday August 11th 3:30pm

Always wanted to start that topic!


Kerry. By 6.

I’m surprised Kerry aren’t slightly firmer favourites, not because I think Kerry are great, but because Tyrone are mediocre. If either of Clifford or Geaney are on song then I don’t think the result will be in doubt.

Kerry have the better forwards. Better free takers. And Clifford is back.

So here goes. My predictions are usually shi*e.

But I’m going for a Tyrone win based on nothing but pure emotion…and my daughter says so.


I fancy Tyrone as well. One of teams the Princes are always wary of.

Hopefully MH has a plan for them :wink:

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I have a feeling this might be the only time Dublin cheer on Tyrone!

It’ll dint the confidence losing to Kerry - almost 2 steps forward and 2 back.

And the rivalry with Kerry is worse than any rivalry with Dublin.

If you go by the rubbery matches then Meath made a real game of Kerry, and Donegal who were not very good against Mayo, should have bet them.

I have a feeling we will meet Tyrone again.


I’m not sure of Kerry yet one good performance against mayo down in killarney, Tyrone probably more croke Parke experience and it might tip the balance.

I think Mickey Whiskers wanted to lose yesterday as he wanted Kerry next up. The reason is that Mayo are experienced and won’t be physically bullied whereas Kerry are relatively callow. Also Kerry’s backs are always suspect if you run at them. I would give Tyrone a chance here if they can keep it tight but in a shoot-out, they would be toast.

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Tbh…I don’t think it means a massive difference at this stage.

What Kerry might lack in experience they more than make up for in shooting.

I’m also not convinced of Kerry being soft.

That tag has suited them through the years - not in our DNA stuff. We don’t know how to play dirty.

Kerry are fit to mix it with the best of them.

You’re being kind Daller. That shower invented most of “it.” :roll_eyes:

Moo-chass grassy arse for the hospitality yesterday btw. Omagh cafe’s laying a Flake lovingly across ones low fat, soy, skinny, decaf, chai latte is surely a sign of a higher civilization that we muck savages in the lower 26 can only aspire to.


You were in the wrong town !!

We do tea…black and white. Sugar if you’re fussy.

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I expect Tyrone to pack the midfield, like in the 2000s. Moran is a big player for Kerry. Shut him down and supply into their forwards will be limited. The game will be won and lost there. Maybe Kavanagh will deliver one of his karate kicks early on.:wink:

I think Tyrone will win narrowly. Too many questions about Kerry’s defence still to be answered.

I think we have the four best teams left in the competition. I think that if this year’s championship was to be played in the format prior to the introduction of the back-door, we’d have the same four teams in the semi-finals, only we’d be looking at a Leinster Champions v Munster Champions semi-final.

Cocktails very fancy

Did you go out in Omagh?

I think last yr was played a Saturday - so bars would’ve got a big crowd.

Usually the town is quiet on a Sunday.

Can’t travel to the occupied territory for security reasons.


Apart from the league game - which Kerry won really well - they’re an unknown qty to me.

But they’ve put in some impressive performances - even finishing top of Group 1.

Last decade Tyrone definitely spooked Kerry - but that’s long gone. Kerry will fancy their chances now.

It’s probably a sign of the times that most Kerry fans are more looking forward to a final with Dublin than they’re wary of meeting Tyrone.

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I think Tyrone will have the winning of the game in their grasp but they will need a couple of goals. Kerry will give up the chances but doubts remain whether Tyrone will take them. I think the percentages is on an arm wrestle for 60 mins before Kerry get enough done to win by 4 or 5. Possibly a similar result for us v Mayo.

To win both Tyrone and Mayo have to do something significantly different to push it in their favour.

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Goals win games and Tyrone are struggling.

Kerry forwards, especially Clifford, are fit to win their own ball. Both have range and accuracy.

Resting players was a good move from MH.

But I’m genuinely not confident - or maybe that’s just the dread of losing to Kerry.