All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Mayo v Tipperary, Croke Park, Sunday December 6th, 3:30pm

Can history keep repeating itself?

For this tie? Fingers crossed. It would make the father in law a very happy Tipp man.

If Mayo had two forwards like Sweeney and Quinlivan…

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And as for that lad who played in Oz…

O’Riordan was colossal when he came in yesterday

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I wonder will he be available for this game?

@dcr22B think this game is on Sunday 6th Dec

Our game is at 5.30 on 5th

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Thanks @BlueWheels, the joys of copy & paste :joy:

Oh we’ve all been there :+1:t2::rofl::rofl::rofl:

He actually started

I really hope so, Tipp will need everyone if they’re to overturn Mayo.

I know that, I never said that he came in as a sub. I simply said “came in”

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I would like to think Tipp will give Mayo their fill of it. Quinlivan and Sweeney will take an awful lot of minding and will still be hard to stop. Brian Fox and O’Riordan put in huge shifts around the middle. Liam Casey was very good. I think they’ll really put it up to Mayo.

O’Rourke actually said yesterday that Quinlivan wasn’t that well known :joy:

Probably true in the corridors of RTÉ, they spend so much time upping the chances of Kerry, Mayo & Donegal finally beating the Dubs, at the cost of other teams & class players such as Quinlivan.

Watch him change his tune in the buildup to the semi

Tipp to wear the jersey for the semi final and the entire 2021 season


Hopefully no early black card for Robbie Kiely this time around.

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I’d say most of them haven’t taken off their Jersey from yesterday yet. Why would you?

Cos it’s sweaty and smells?

Smell of success.


Tricky game. O Riordian, Sweeney, Quinivlan and Fox would walk onto our team. I do think though Tipp won’t have met a team this year with our work rate and intensity in the tackle, forwards working to force turnovers etc…out half back line will drive forward unlike Cork.

Tipp will go long and likely win the vast majority of their own kick outs. Tipp have an excellent full forward line but I’m also looking forward to seeing how Tommy Conroy plays on the wide open spaces of Croker and the likes of Oisin Mullen and Eoghan McLoughlian driving forward…it’s a fascinating game. Great to be able look forward to it.


I would be slightly worried about how emotional Tipp (and indeed Cavan) were at their victory. It’s perfectly understandable that they reacted that way, but it is a hell of a high to come down off of in time to properly prepare for an AI semi in just two weeks time.