All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Mayo v Tipperary, Croke Park, Sunday December 6th, 3:30pm

Can’t see that being a factor…it’s over now. Done and dusted. There will be no week long drinking session or touring every school and parish with the cup…Covid has stopped all that.

You would hope, but those players really seemed moved (Cavan manager unable to complete his tv interview because he was so emotional). I reckon it could take them a couple of days to properly refocus on the semis, while you can be sure that Mayo (and Dublin) are already fully focused on them.

Would probably be a bigger factor if there wasn’t 2 weeks before the game. A week on cloud 9 and then a week to refocus should be enough.

Wouldn’t be a factor either way for Us against Cavan, but could’ve been in Mayo and Tipp.

Think the much more muted celebrations are a factor in keeping the heads straight too.

Disagree. Cork were very, very flat yesterday. It’s not easy to come down from the massive emotional high of a big upset win & have your adrenaline levels exactly where they need to be 2 weeks later. That’s not the be all and end all of why they lost yesterday, but it matters imo.

You’re right. Look at how the Laois hurlers got on only a week after winning the Joe McDonagh last year.

When should I expect to have my account deleted?

Beating Westmeath to win the Joe McDonagh hardly ranks as a big upset win compadre.

Cork were overhyped and believed it. They had a smash and grab win against a very poor Kerry team on the day…a Kerry team that we’re already in the all Ireland final v Dublin in their own minds.

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But they spent the week on the beer

Tipp keeper might be a better pick than your lads !

There’s lots of reasons why upsets happen. We can debate all day long whether Kerry were caught napping this year, to the degree that the Dublin hurlers were last year, but the end result of both matches were the same - an upset win for the underdog.

My point is that its not always easy for the underdog to emotionally and mentally recalibrate after a big win and be at the pitch of where they need to be on the next day out.

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An obvious counter argument is look what happened to Dublin, massive emotional reaction to knocking out Galway and then failed to properly focus on the next game.

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At the risk of mixing threads, Cavan have already given an example of this this year. Big reaction to beating Monaghan and then they struggled against Antrim the next day.

I don’t think Tipp (or Cavan) are going to do anything stupid like go the lash for a week, but I do think it might take them a couple of days to fully focus on the next game and forget about the last one. With just the two weeks between games, even that small delay could prove costly (especially against experienced opposition who have been here before).

Mayo have an extra week’s rest. No real problem with that but if it was someone else there’d be all sorts of shite spouted.


Mayo also played 5 weeks in a row To the Connacht final. 3 week rest well deserved.

It is but there would be the usual shite if it was us.

I reckon if we get to the Final and the ref sent off 5 of our players and gave the opposition 6 penalties nobody would give a fcuk. People are so bitter they’d laugh at it. It’s getting like Trump town. Jaysus we are a nation of fcukin begrudgers alright.


I agree.

That’s the price of success. Remember Man Utd…even Liverpool now they cry foul and say liVARpool, always get decisions and luck.

Serial winners are rarely loved in the moment.

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Mayo have a lot more nous then Cork . Cork were desperately naive at times last Sunday

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And by ‘nous’ you mean cynicism of course?

If it’s a close game, Mayo will try every single trick in the book, to get them over the line. And probably a few that haven’t even been invented yet.

And not a single word will be said about it the next day, win, lose or draw. :roll_eyes:

Paddy Christie spoke very well (as always, also used big words as a northsider which was even more impressive) last night on newstalk.

Reminds me of paul kinnerk and paves success for all those involved with.

Best a luck to Paddy and tipp!