All Ireland SFC Semi Final, Monaghan v Tyrone, Croke Park, Sunday 12th August, 3.30pm

I fancy Monaghan to win this

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I think so, too. They have momentum.

Agree. I think Monaghan will beat them.

I think tryone will win by default with Monaghan underperforming

Have monaghan ever made an ireland final ???

Yes in 1930, Kerry beat them 3.11 to 2 points. They also got to the 1984 Centenary Cup final and lost to Meath. I’d love to see them win this semi final.

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Strongly fancy Tyrone. Hope I’m wrong.

Monaghan v Tyrone reminds me of Cork against Kerry last decade…no matter when Cork won in Munster…Kerry would get them later in CP.

I can see Tyrone win or even draw…just don’t think Monaghan will win

Since the defeat in HP…I think Tyrone have benefited the most.

Tyrone have a greater spread of scorers, and Lee Brennan is back to fitness.

Tyrone look to have the better bench. Bringing on K McGeary when the game has opened up has worked well. MH has pretty much said that’s his role this year.

I’d also expect P Hampsey to switch from MF to defence (where he plays at club) and mark McManus.

But unlike in 13 and 15…Monaghan will feel they’ve a chance. They’ll also match Tyrone for fitness - something that really surprised me about Donegal.

The irony is that MH and M O’R are neighbours. The pitchforks will be out if Monaghan win…

Talked to a few Monaghan people who reckon this will be M O’Rs last year.

If he can get them to an AI Final…it’ll be some swan song.

Malachy was being touted as a replacement for MH before his last contract - especially with his links to Errigal Ciaran.

Even if they don’t get the final…he’ll have left a briallaint acheivent.

It makes sence he seems to have a good head on his shoulders, he would keep Tyrone competitive

My view on this game is similar to yours alright. Tyrone are just sneaking into form at the right time. I also feel there’s a bit more depth in the Tyrone squad than the Monaghan squad and that’ll be the difference coming down the stretch.

Lee Brennan a huge bonus to have back fit again, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he was kept in reserve again for the same role on Sunday. The game will be close no doubt, and I think he’d be a great man to bring on for the last 20 when the game is opening up. I’ve a lot of time for him as a player because his attitude when he gets the ball is to look for a score straight away, which is very unlike a Tyrone player of these last few years.

Tyrone were good on the Dublin kickouts in Omagh, and they’ll need to be well set up for Beggan’s kickouts too, whick Kerry and Galway struggled with.

I would agree with all of this, 100%. I stated after the last match in Omagh that we had seen a precursor to this year’s All Ireland Final, and last weekend only reinforced those thoughts for me.

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The irony is that Tyrone have proabably benefited from being knocked out of Ulster by Monaghan.

Firstly it lowered expectations of fans in the county in the immediate aftermath - but more importantly it allowed the team to develop, build up their fitness and give MH time to try different options.

I think the direct route is best for teams with lots of miles on the clock…such as Mayo…but for younger teams the circuitous route can work out well.

Glorious defeat would certainly be no surprise for Mon


I’ve felt since the start of the Super 8s it would probably be a Dublin Tyrone final

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Galway v Monaghan for me.

galway v monaghon for the 3rd placeplay off

Monaghan are out of the hurling, you muppet. Can’t happen.

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Fancy Monaghan for this one. Yes, they’ve been disappointing when meeting Tyrone in Croke Park in recent years, but they’ve come on a huge amount in the 3 years since that last happened. I think a little much has been made of this “hoodoo”, considering they’ve beaten them a few times elsewhere. The lack of a semi final spot for so long was a much bigger deal for them I feel, and their confidence will be sky high after breaking that duck.

Tyrone closed the game out very impressively at the weekend, but as good as their subs were, Donegal didn’t help their case with some poor tactical moves and some bad luck. They were also out on their feet and it’s clear some lads need more work on their conditioning, which I don’t think will be an issue with Monaghan as that seems to be an area where they’ve come on a huge amount this year. I don’t think Tyrone can afford a slow start in this one, if Monaghan are 4 up with 15 to go then I’d certainly fancy them to see it out much better than Donegal managed. First half will be very interesting.

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