All Ireland SFC Super 8’s Round 3, Tyrone v Dublin, Healy Park, Omagh, Sunday August 4th, 4pm

Dead rubber or chance to make a mark?

Lads, this is a phoney war in preparation for a phoney game.

So I’ll make a start listing all the abuse / stereotypes that are sure to be hurled:

Win-at-all costs
Dark arts
Hair dressers

Ok…so that’s me on Dublin. Now it’s your turn!



Thrown list is done.

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Lol. Very good. Bloody missed that!


The truth is that you don’t want to win anything in case a parade with a cup upsets the planter folk, you’ve gone soft lad.

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Which is why I’ve been coaching the fellas oul rebel songs.

(Young lads these days more used to rave than Black n tans).

And jive to Daniel O’Donnell!!

Easy man, these days you have to say murder gang of colour.


You joke!

Drove through the Moy on Sat night after CP…and the place was packed with ones going to the C&W do at the Ryandale.

Think they’ve one there every month.

We went a lot of year back and it was like walking back in time. And they wouldn’t refund us either.

Checked shirts, straw hats and weird accents…Welcome to Tyrone!!

Right @upthedall I know it is early days but what is your score prediction for the battle of Omagh 2019?

You’re not far off the truth.

This is from the Ryandale in the Moy.

Look at the cut of those check shirts!

I can ONLY see two lesbians on the right getting it on :laughing:


Hmmm…all slagging aside, think MH will start with how they started the second half v Cork…and maybe get within 3-5 pts of Dublin.

MH said he will see if players need a rest, but if you’re a Tyrone player - this is the game you want to be in!

Think so much depends on whether Jim G runs the bench.

I think Jim Gavin will go with a strong enough starting 15 and will bring in the big guns if we get in trouble. Important thing for us is to find the right balance between avoiding cards and not being pushed around.

If there’s one thing about this Dublin team - they’ll not be pushed about !

Also Tyrone players are in the same position as Dublin - they no more want to pick up a card and miss a semifinal for a dead rubber game.

And they’ve less of a squad to take risk with. Tyrone are half the team without P Harte and Mattie D.

Good, we’ll work on getting those two pilgrims carded!! :rofl:

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So what’s the reg on your car!!

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It’s eh PSNI 5ilth