All Ireland SFC Super 8’s Round 3, Tyrone v Dublin, Healy Park, Omagh, Sunday August 4th, 4pm

You failed to correctly spell renegade


It’s a Fermanagh reg AIG 5555 @upthedall


Right. This is no longer funny.

Preferred it when the slagging was one-way.

Anyone get the default, “we don’t give a bollix were you get to sit or stand in Healy park just have your debit cards ready so we can take your monies” from the season ticket office ???

It’s alright we always take the high road (High Street, one way :rofl: ) on it

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Yep, we were on the terraces opposite the stand at the Gortin end of the ground last year mixed amongst the locals, great craic altogether especially with @anon2850911 on form


If you park behind it - that’s a very handy place to drive from the back of the town through to the A5.

Any dubs planning on staying up?

Finding a room is the biggest problem.

Heard a lot of Dubs stayed in the fan zone then went to Sally’s later that night.

Anyone here who stayed up?

For those that fancy a few in Omagh…


Most times it is impossible to get a decent place to stay, always booked out, especially the Silver Birch but we sometimes go in there for some grub.

@upthedall Not being Political here but will you tell the peelers to fook off out of the road when we are up as they only cause the traffic problems to be worse!!


Not driving up this year, will be on the Joxer Express with a right Motley Crue!

Parked on the Campsie Road last year

There’s Kelly’s Inn right across from Gervaghey…but would mean getting a taxi into Omagh.

Although between 4 people prob not too bad.


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Yeah you find your own spot after a while.

We park dead behind the ground and use the backroads to Killyclogher.

Cuts out the traffic. @dub09 used it last time I think.

Edit: you beat me to the punch !

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You expecting a full house for the visit of the greatest team ever @upthedall ?

For sure.

Biggest day in the calendar. And the first home game since…yonks.

Even the town gets a great buzz by laying on the fan zone.

Saw the pics in the paper the following week showing both sets of fans together.

And the good weather really helped.

If this thread is anything like last years @upthedall you ll be the honourary counsel for all dubs heading to Omagh. The wife will get no work out of ya for the next 2 weeks.

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I remember that!

And the sad thing I was on holiday.

But as much as the rest of us 31 counties dislike you…!..we’re an hospitable bunch!

We say the same about ourselves

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