All Ireland SFC Super 8’s Round 3, Tyrone v Dublin, Healy Park, Omagh, Sunday August 4th, 4pm

That’s unfair . Div 1 players train their bollox off. Their is no difference between S&C in Tyrone and Dublin

Dublin just have better players. It’s always easy to knock a team’s underperformance down to fitness. Quite often the reasons are they aren’t genetically as gifted or as talented

Dublin have a lot of freak athletes playing for them curently but it won’t always be the case. Chances of finding physical freaks like Brian Fenton and Brian Howard were 1000-1 - the chances of finding Brian Howard and Brian Fenton in the same club - probably a million to one.

Enjoy the ride because it won’t be like this in 5 years.

However your point is valid lower down. A lot of guys in Div 3/4 don’t put the work in. They could argue what’s the point …
One particular side who reached the AI Semi final a few years ago would give Paul Gascoigne a run for his money in the session stakes

Yes - as I said. Twice, maybe three times.

What did you say?

It’s up there.

Twice, maybe three times.

Possibly more.

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Sorry…what was that again?

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Something about a lady?

Three times a lady?

And I love youuuuuu

That’s the one.

And thanks Daller, there was me thinking it was Proudy all this time! Sheesh

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I’m gonna do a Kilkenny on it and leg it with 20 minutes to go, as it should be over as contest by then. I’ll be back in Dublin for pints and the Sunday game.

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A real fan would stay and support their side when they’re being beat.

Sure yous might nick a draw.


Special agent Daller are you here to make a complete & utter ballix of this forum?? Before you arrived there was reasoned & considered but also serious intellectual discussion on all things Dublin GAA :upside_down_face: You’ve managed to turn us into a rabble who are more inclined to debate the intricacies of laundered diesel production & distribution that the likely tactics & formation of the greatest team ever. Are you trying to distract us sir?? :grin:


Tickets still on sale folks.

Yeah…I’ve been known to take threads off at a tangent. Sorry for that.

But Tyrone doesn’t have a forum, and this one was for free.

Besides…I sense a kinship for diesel-dye particulate matter filtration here. And C&W nights in the Ryandale.

Scouts honour. No more taking you fellas off at a meaningless tangent.


Scouts honour?? We’re you crossing your fingers behind your back when you typed that one? :joy:

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Have the Cuban Heels made their way to the Tyrone line dancing scene yet?

Fianna Éireann or Baden Powell?

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You gonna be there on Sunday to take yer batin’ in person Daller?

Or are you gonna head for the hills again and take the fam away on another so called “holiday” like the big yeller scaredy cat ye are?

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Right @upthedall give us your best two forwards and we’ll tell you our best two defenders and we’ll compare them.

Then give us your best midfielder, best two backs and we’ll have a bit of comparison time…

My wife jive dances. No joke. Her and the sister.

When we’re at a wedding or one of her niece’s 21st’s…they go full check shirt on me.

Unfortunately I have zero dance moves when I’m sober…but class when I’m drunk.

And my fat hole would go over on those Cuban heels.


He’s typing like mad, probably smashed his Lambeg at this stage.