All Ireland SFC Super 8's Round 1 Dublin v Cork, Croke Park, Saturday July 13th 7pm

Despite their win tonight should have more than enough to beat them comfortably.

Always had a soft spot for Cork though, no idea why. But I associate them with stylish footballers and decent guys as managers. I would like them to qualify along with us.

Bastards. Cork are all bastards. We will beat them by 10+

If we don’t, I want Jim Gavin lashed with a whip.


Agree 100%

Dublin’s forwards against Cork’s backs is a HUUUUGE mismatch.

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They are shocking. This will be a thumping.

10 points plus win for us, same against the Rossies, we’ll be able to put out the B team by the time we get to Omagh because it won’t really matter who we play in the semi.

It matters to me. I don’t want to lose a C’ship game. Nor should we.


Correct. It would only be another stick for the fuckers to beat us with if we won 5 in a row

Yeah . . . And we have 2 home games . . . :wink:

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Big game this . Important to win first game as we well know. Hopefully Cooper is back in contention to feature

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I hope they give us a real game and we lash them by 15 points. No mercy for the langers.


Kerrigan will be blowing hard after 10 mins. It won’t be pretty.

Any word on Cooper? Would be good to see him back before the Tyrone game.

Never like going in as massive favourites against a county with Cork’s self-belief and enough pick of players to pull something out of the woodwork. Hope we aren’t too rusty or sluggish, would like to see us respond well to their challenge. These are the five biggest games in the history of Dublin GAA, everything that Heffo and others have sacrificed and done down the last few decades has led up to this, I just hope lads realise the magnitude are not badly affected by the attitude amongst supporters.


I cannot see Jim Gavin and his band of heroes having an attitude like the hurlers yesterday, they will come into this game well prepared and will be out to improve on their first half performance against the royals. Cork did beat a Dublin team a few weeks ago in a challenge, however what Dublin team was put out we don’t know, also it wasn’t the heat of Championship.
No mercy to be shown and hopefully a decent game to bring our lads sharpness on another notch.


General Jim; On my mark, unleash hell.

Lovely stuff

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Dont agree that they are the 5 biggest games in Dublins history, for me 74, 95 and 2011 were far bigger, we desperately needed an All Ireland in those years, five in a row is just a bonus, it woukd be an incredible achiement, but so was 3 in a row and 4 in a row.

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Biggest Vs Most Important… This is a high watermark, the highest and biggest point we may ever see reached.