All Ireland SHC Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Croke Park, Sunday August 18th, Croke Park, 3.30pm

Probably one of the most unlikely pairings given their ups and downs during the summer.

So who’s it going to be? Cody’s finest hour or Sheedy’s dramatic comeback?

Dramatic comeback please god.Have gone with tipp since Jan.Not changing now…also don’t particularly have a liking for Bc.


How many in a row are Kilkenny chasing now?

Wonder who is going to pick up tj reid.Playing out of his skin in fairness.

Kilkenny by 3 for me, Tipp form patchy and Kilkenny finding form at the right time, Coady doesn’t lose many All Ireland finals

This to be Cody’s finest acheivement!

I did not expect KK to be in the final, fair balls to them!

an AI final between two of the big three really doesn’t catch the imagination. I don’t really care who wins as they both win so often. It should be a close game anyways to should be exciting. It would be Cody’s weakest team ever to lift Liam McCarthy so huge kudos to him for that. Sheedy has turned Tipp around from ridiculously poor last summer but then tipp do this every few years with a new manager it seems. Then the wheels tend to come off very quickly.

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Tipp have only won 6 All Ireland’s in the last 55 years. Think their winning one - and all the drama afterwards - is still a bit of a novelty.

That’s regularly by Dublin standards :cry:

That’s incredible. “The Home Of Hurling”?
It’s strange that a final between two top counties in hurling is greeted by almost indifference, whereas a Dublin Kerry football final would have the opposite effect.

I just couldn’t listen to the home of hurling shite if Tipp win. Of any other hurling counties I’ve never met a superior arrogance from anyone else other than Tipp.
They seem to forget it was Michael Cusack who set up the Dublin Hurling Club in the late 1870’s to try to revive Hurling in Dublin and to formalise a set of rules etc. His Team then became the Dublin Metropolitans who travelled to Galway to play using these rules in early 1880’s. They just happened to meet in Thurles to found the GAA that we have now, purely because it was considered half way to meet the rest of the lads.

BTW Kilkenny to win by 5pts :joy:


I don’t want either to win but sick of Kilkenny and Cody.

Lump on the draw.

Yeah. Something like 20 of their 27 All Ireland’s were before 1960. Which is a bit mad considering their status as one of the Big 3 of the sport & their overall air of arrogance about it. And I’ve heard that from folk in lots of other counties too, not just our own.


It explains why they are considered one of the big three. There has been no (real) hurling since 1960.

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Owens to ref the final. That should be fun …

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Well the langers are all convinced Cody’s hurlers are nothing but a bunch of hardy mullockers, so it’s fun to twist the knife there too !

Cork haven’t won one since 2005 … the time they moved to 30 and top of the roll of honour - and boy did they rub it into the Cats. Backfired spectacularly since. Winning graciously is always a better idea.

The words ‘Cork’ and ‘gracious’ should never appear in the same sentence together.

He’s melodeon.

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