All Ireland SHC Preliminary QF , Laois vs Dublin, O'Moore Park, Portlaoise, Sunday July 7th, 4.15pm

May aswell get a thread started for this even without date and time confirmed

Would expect a win but Laois will be well up for it after the weekend

their midfielder has some engine. Looked a class apart in the bits on SG

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Looks like a double header with clare v meath In the football

You are joking? What the actual?

Heard Meath v Clare in Portlaioise at 2pm sunday and the hurling at 4pm sunday

Jesus. Why? That’s ridiculous.

That’s what im hearing and mayo v galway in Limerick …Could be mistaken

I don’t really get double headers at the best of times but at least most of the time there’s some crossover in interest/fans.

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Anything less then a 10 point win would be a disappointment here in my view. Sure, they pushed us a bit in the league and the Walsh Cup, but that was then and this is now. Carlow pushed us in the league too, but were handy enough in the championship.

We shouldn’t need O Donnell if he is not ready, hopefully O Callaghan will be. I am not sure what I would do with the forwards if Ryan is ok, as all the starters did well the last day. Maybe Ryan to wing forward and Boland to midfield.

I wonders is Winters coming into contention? I would love if Schutte was, but someone here mentioned he had a bad set back with the injury. Hedgo probably not being looked at as a starter, as he was available the last day and didn’t start. But I think it was the Laois game in the Walsh cup where he knocked the ball down for a goal, that is still my goal of the season!

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Daft stuff if there’s a football match on before it.

Could Meath v Clare be classed as football?



Double header it is

What really bugs me about this is the potential for extra time and possibly penalties or whatever way they sort out ties nowadays in the first game, a game no one interested in the second game will likely have any interest in. And there’ll be no parking anywhere near the ground if you were to look to arrive about 3.45 or 4 p.m.

You do wonder what exactly the GAA do be doing sometimes.


Only sometimes?


Parking will be crap, so looking like a day trip on the train

Should be the live game youd imagine for sunday game

Nope, only a 2pm t/i game live on TV which means Meath v Clare.

Women’s World Cup and Irish Open golf take precedence… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

TG4 broadcasted Laois v Westmeath live on their Facebook page. I wonder is there any chance they’d get rights to show it on TV. I plan to be in Portlaoise but I wouldn’t mind watching the match back in full later on.

Would suit me. I won’t make that time on Sunday unfortunately. Was hoping for a Saturday fixture