All Ireland SHC Round 1, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sat Jul 1st, 7pm

So it’s Laois at home then

You’d like to think they would win that one

You’d think. Likely KK, Tipp or Waterford next so it could be our only chance of a win this year. Only delaying the inevitable at the same time.

Will be good for the players after what seems to be an eternity since the last game to play Laois. We will beat them and that sets us up for round 2. I just hope it doesn’t mean another year of Cunningham.

Are round 2 qualifiers home and away or neutral grounds?

Glad we’re at home and against beatable opposition - if nothing else it might give the lads a chance to get a much needed win under their belts. I know Laois struggled over Carlow yesterday but I still wouldn’t take this as a given.

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Laois midfielder red carded. The amount of red cards they pick up is crazy - always has been.

Agree with first part. Laois are very poor though and two/three of main players are injured. King sent off yesterday and Maher off injured.

We put 4-17 past them down there in 2015 and 3-23 in Tullamore in 2012; we haven’t gone back that far I hope!.

Always ‘subject to confirmation by CCCC’ but neutral as best I know. A double-header in Semple for last couple of years but Tipp’s involvement may change that now…

We have gone back a bit, but so have they by the looks of things.

I hate to say it but the draw may mean we’re just prolonging the agony of the management situation further. Kills me to be thinking that way about any Dublin team but there you go.

Best draw possible, looks like it’ll be in Parnell as well

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Sure all good things must come to an end some time…?

It’s an extra championship game that will help for 2018, so it is probably a good thing. Once the DCC don’t start reading into anything into a win along that lines of ‘maybe we are on to something here’.

Although it is a very strange year, if you keep getting the right draws you could get to at least a QF without having to play anyone too great.

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literally the best draw we could ahve got given where we are right now.

round 2 is the following saturday

QF’s 23rd July in Cork

The management situation is what it is. A couple of wins isn’t going to keep anyone in a job. They’ll be gone at season end
But for the players involved it will at least boost morale
So it’s not necessary for people to bring in there Laois flags on Saturday .


The match is next Saturday right? Would it be a 5pm throw in?

There’s no right draw in the next round. We don’t beat any of Tipp, KK or Waterford currently.

5 or 7 i suppose. not sure if it is in the nell or not.

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