All Ireland SHC Round 1, Dublin v Laois, Parnell Park, Sat Jul 1st, 7pm

Norwegian Air could get you over and back for less.

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GAAGO only replicate what’s broadcast on tv so you’ll have to settle for the 30 seconds of highlights the sunday game show on sunday night

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Not by the time you get all the way through the booking, Ryanair could learn from those guys how to load on charges…

Yes … last time I bought a flight from them I ended up sponsoring two penguins in Bergen Zoo and helping with medical bills for some of Santa’s elves …



Any word on prices for tickets for Saturday?

€15 on

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Cheaper maybe in centra/SuperValu during the week

Huge buildup for this match… :smirk:

Just looking at Saturdays ticket info, it says €15 but is it not cheaper for the terrace behind the goal usually? Doesn’t mention anything about it, anyone any insight?

It’s general admission. €15 first come first served for the stand.

I really don’t see much of a crowd at this at all. Entire slate of AFL 1-4 games on at the same time.

Plus 2 concerts in Dublin city.

Anyone good on?


O donnell
O Callaghan


O Connell



Think mcmorrow is good but more suited to midfield than centre forward. Half forward line may look stupid but can’t carry treacy there anymore. Think burke can handle the free taking duties. Mcbride to act as a focal point on the edge of the square. Think crummey is the best candidate to be pushed up as he is more then capable of taking a score .

It shows how far we’ve fallen that you’d fear that we might actually lose to Laois for the first time since they scrambled a late goal down in Portlaoise - 2002 or 2003? We’ll probably win but like everyone else now I really want to see the back of Ger Cunningham, it’s been a disaster. We won’t get any further.


Boland is injured. O’Connell as well. Gough an injury concern.

The Coronas in RHK and Kings of Lean in town.

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Its an interesting team. I still think it is too early for Burke to be starting games, he had one or two good moments in the league, but is not involved enough in a lot of games, so in other words exactly what you would expect from a very good young lad in his first year out of minor.

Crummy to 11 could well work, he is very mobile and skilful for a big lad. I would have McBride in the middle though to be honest, I think he does his best work there. I think he will be one of the standard bearers of the team for the (hopefully) new man. In O Connells absence, I would have him at midfield and go back to O Dwyer at full forward. O Dwyer is a very limited hurler, but in the absence of better lads he can do a job mullocking away at full forward.

Laois seriously under strength

So are we :wink: