All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm

Venue TBC

I think we will give them a game. Comes to soon for this squad of players though.

Double header likely in Limerick. RTÉ have 5 p.m. game. Sky have a game at 7. Possible the two games will be on. Football draws (Mayo/Clare and Donegal/Meath) may not be inspiring.

They were all pushing for a Thurles double bill on the Sunday game last night. I was hoping to get Killkenny, we won’t beat any of them but…


Limerick is terribly out of the way. Semple likely to be ruled out because of Tipp involvement but surely it doesn’t have to be a double header? Could we not have Portlaoise or Tullamore??

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Will the round of league fixtures fixed for Saturday night go ahead now as planned?

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Play our game in Kilkenny the other in Thurles

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Next Saturday. Tipp struggled at the weekend and are having a poor year. They will have too much for us though if they turn up.

limerick is handier for me :slight_smile:

That’s actually a good solution, you’d get good crowds at both and its handy for everyone

One at 3pm the other at 7pm. With computerised tickets it should be possible to produce a reduced price ticket which would allow people to attend both games if they want to as both venues are relatively near each other.

Tough draw but Tipp are definitely off colour at the moment, so we really just have to go for it.

If Tipp manage to sort themselves out then we could be in a spot of bother, but there’s definitely something up with them going by their form since the league final.

Tipp likely have to beat us and either Clare/ Wexford to guarantee a semi final against probably Galway

Also, we have to beat Tipp and either Clare/Wexford to get to a semi-final. It’s not beyond us. It would be an interesting night on here if GC got us to an All-Ireland semi at Davy Fitz’s expense.


It surely would!

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Likely the place would meltdown into oblivion … I can already hear teeth gnashing …

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Tipp are in horrible form. I thought this team were good enough to start a Kilkenny type dominance and now they struggle over Westmeath. I think any other good team could beat them (and I would still include us a good team), but I think they are a particularly bad match for us because of their physicality. I don’t think we can handle that and because of that we won’t have enough ball to hurl with. In the last two league games, we did ok when we had the ball, but we only had it about 20% of the time. This might actually be a time when the Rushe thing in the forwards might have some use - as repeating the same sort of team that got hammered in the last two leagues would be pointless.

Dublin win by about 15-20 points


Good to see your weekends drinking is still going sneakers, :joy:

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