All Ireland SHC Round 2, Dublin v Tipperary, Saturday 8th July, 5pm

The Lone Ranger must have cracked open a bottle of Johnny Walkers.

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I think some people are totally losing the rub of themselves here!

How did it go the last time we had to beat Clare?

Anyone basing anything on the Laois game is really being quite foolish.

Rushe at centre forward and we’re goosed totally

Or maybe just put the two of them in the same venue and save everyone the hassle?

Worst draw out there . I’ll be watching through closed eyes . With them coming off a bad performance this could be an absolute hiding

Half way through …


I know what you are saying but tipp seem to be in real trouble formwise. If they find their form we’re in real trouble.


exactly. if they dont then this could be fun! … they can’t just switch it on … can they?

Neutral venue = Thurles!

game should be in Portlaoise, has to be a neutal venue and so that rules out Thurles. Portlaoise easy to get to from all over tipp because of the motorways.

KK-v-Waterford would be in Semple both have played there loads of times and its easy to get to for both sets of supporters.

In the same way that we shouldnt be looking at our performace saturday evening I wouldnt be reading anything at all into Tipp’s lackluster game against Westmeath. Tipp didnt give a shite, neither the team or the fans. Westmeath tried to get them to change venue but they wouldnt do that either as it would be too much bother to go to mullingar to beat them.

they will regard us as several notches above, and they remember the league defeats so they will take this match seriously as a way of getting sharp for tasks to come. We should do likewise and really tear into them. They will not like that, and unlike others we can match them in the fitness stakes so if we dont let the heads drop we can stay with them till the end.

If that happens Tipp will win by a slender enough margin, if we become dispirited in the second half it could get very ugly.

there’s no if’s about it!!!

Anyone know if the club games are off on sat?

Since th qualifiers were introduced we have, including Saturday, won 4 and lost 16. Two of the four wins were against Laois, including Saturday. And two of the four were in 2015 vs. Laois and Limerick.

It would be the shock of the century if this Dublin team beat the All Ireland champions, no matter how badly they are playing.

Thurles it is. 5pm and will not be televised. I suspect the GAA have a bit of bargaining power with Dublin GAA as the footballers often get to play “home” games in Croke Park. Tipperary have NEVER lost to a non-Munster team in Semple Stadium so a very tough ask. Tipperary by 5-10 points for me.

Is that definite? I thought cork had been promised these games?

Anyway. Can’t see us getting within 6 points of them. Was great to get a win Saturday and was great to hit 2-28 but make no mistake that was a woeful Laois team. I watched them warming up, shambolic stuff. Yet they caused us headaches in the first half so what will Tipp do?

We’ll need goals to have any hope so Hedgo starts at 14 for me with Trollier up beside him, McMorrow to 11 Rushe to mid leave the 6 backs as they were and get Johnathan Treacy in goal

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Think their promised the q finals

Thurles it is.

How the hell can Thurles be considered a neutral venue???

i know … but … imagine …

GC would have to get a Cody like reign if that came to pass.

To my eyes Dublin would have been better if Tipp bet Westmeath by 25 rather than getting a bit of a rattle from them.

preventing tipp goals in 1st half for starters is key to damage limitation