All Things Betting

Would it be out of the question to have a betting thread?

Im sure a lot of people use RD when in work where most sites would be blocked…would be a good way to get odds on games and maybe throw up potential fancies! just a suggestion


I bet this won’t last long!

Are you out of your Falcon mind?

What’s the odds?

So are we under starters’ orders? Galway-Monaghan to draw has to be worth a punt…

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@Ohm_Flatley wasn’t/isn’t the only American with a keen interest in GAA. Tome Petty liked a wager or two on the Ulster SFC’s over the years…


I thought this was about the Newbridge fiasco…

Dubs -11 even money v Ros a great bet to go on topic! could be 20+ easily

Hopefully he will get his story out there by going on off the boil in association with Boyle sports, or talk on the pratcast just before the paddy power preview of the weeeknds games.

What was the spread for last Saturday v Galway?

I’d heard from one of my mates that it was 6.5 on the day

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Thought it was 8.

I didn’t see it myself only that he was asking for my opinion on it. Could easily have been 8

That’s woeful @LiamMac :joy:

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It was -6 @ 10/11 with PP

Any shocks you’d expect this weekend in Senior A/B? no odds up as yet, be 3 big odds favs in Senior A- Vincents/Ballymun/Crokes

Be interesting to see how NAF BBSE is priced. I would go BBSE 4/5 NAF 5/4 but suspect bookies might not agree

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Id be more inclined to go 8/13 Boden, 13/8 Na Fianna… if Boden were 4/5 I think they’re worth a good bet. What way would you be predicting?