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Another Sunday stroll for Maxi in Canada.

Pretty exciting end to the race today, can’t help but feel Le Clerc would have done a better job at fighting for the win than Sainz.

Again Mercedes picking up plenty of points simply by being reliable and finishing the race.

Sky talking about Hamilton being back etc and not a mention of Russell who finished P4, serious consistency given Mercedes ‘struggles’ this year.

Can’t see Mick Schumacher lasting too much longer in F1 unfortunately

Definitely agree it shows a lack of respect to Russell, who has 111 Championship points, compared to LH’s 77. Even in Sky’s post race interview with Toto Wolf it was all about LH with no mention of Russell. Although they did interview him subsequently

But a pro Hamilton Sky is hardly a shock to anyone

Does F1 have the biggest carbon footprint per competitor in world sport?

Mick was driving a great race today

He’s driving a pretty average car. Can’t be held responsible for mechanical failure

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Hamilton probably faster then Russell though on race pace this season

But agree Sky coverage is vomit induced

Been very unlucky in some races . Another masterclass from Max. In a slower car he still beat Ferrari .

Could win ten world titles if he gets the right car

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Yep. It’s what 3 races now where he was in the points and got some bad luck. If he can get a move from Haas into a more reliable car he could really kick on.

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If he can get a move somewhere else that’s probably best for him, I’d just fear that other teams are looking more towards F2 drivers and reserve drivers than towards him who might have a contract etc to sort out. Would love to see him stay in F1 and create his own legacy but I don’t think Haas is the place for that

F2 not stellar at the moment in my view

Drugovich who will win the championship won’t get an F1 drive due to lack of funding but perhaps given his age not good enough either

Pouchaire too young and the jury still out

Mick is a Ferrari academy driver and unfortunately they should have put him in Sauber as the guy he beat in F2 regularly Zhou is doing quite a decent job at the moment

To be fair the sponsors both of them bring probably also helped both secure their seats

Fucking eejit

What a way to potentially/probably piss away an F1 drive


Rumours that Spa will be off the calander next season but they could hold a non championship race that involves just rookie drivers

Good old Bernie

Doddery aul ■■■■.

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well, that would be nice.

Eccelstone was also defending Nelson Piquet for racist comments he made recently about Lois Hamilton.

Doddery old fool is Bernie

Piquets comments awful as they were are seven months ago and come out the week of the silverstone GP

He’s the father of verstappen girlfriend and he’s leading the championship

Hmmm …miraculously escaped social media before then …

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Piquet’s an arsehole but purely coincidental it’s only emerging this week of course…

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That’s it Bernie keep digging