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Alpine going to Le Mans hence the reason Alonso wants to hang in there.

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Alonso has done lemans and they are already there. He’s going to rattle around between 10th and 12th and sky are going to hail it as amazing. He is in alpine becuase of flav and becusee nobody else wants him.

I could see seb going with the new ferrari hypercar effort.

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I’m seriously considering going to LeMans in 2024.

Factory teams from:


Could be a real throwback to the late 90s

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Sorry @dubintipp, I meant in terms of a new Hypercar effort not the grandfathered effort they have for now.


Let’s hope it’s a steaming pile of shite.

Funny enough myself and herself are considering it too. Tickets I think on sale in November.

That’s for the 2023 edition

I’m going to wait for 2024 for the bigger works entry

Next year is the 100th though so could be some interesting stuff. Watch the glicks win and all :rofl: or maybe the bykolles

Are still allowed drive at that age?

Strange move but good news for Aussie Oscar Piastri, who will hopefully take the Alpine seat

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Interesting hypothesis

Now Seb may well have been planning to go anyway but that timeline is certainly interesting

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Great race yesterday . Lots of good strategies. Some win for verstappen from 10th and Hamilton 7th to 2nd

Wouldn’t be complete without the usual Ferrari strategy shambles going on hards which cost at least a podium for leclerc and maybe the win too

And it happens with such regularity that it’s handing Max the championship on a plate

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Ferrari absolutely handing the title to Max. At this rate, they will finish behind Mercedes in the constructors standings such is Mercs good form and reliability. Its gutting to see them make so many errors so frequently.

On Alonso, off he goes again. Not sure how it will work out but I too don’t buy the hype from Sky. “El Plan” my ar*e!! An all time great no doubt but its getting old now (like himself)

Alonso waited until Piastri option at alpine expired on July 31 before telling alpine he was leaving

Serious shithousery . Piastri in talks with Mc laren as well

Piastri confirmed as Alonso’s replacement at Alpine


Brilliant news

Alpine will wipe the floor with Aston if they don’t get their shit together

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Well this is fascinating. The Netflix directors on drive to survive will be loving this