All things Xmas!

Gift ideas, annuals, books, gossip, booze-ups, baby J, Mass, fav Xmas songs and films and all things Xmas related here!

I’ll start with a little grinch job … News saying that The Toy Show is on tonight which traditionally marks the beginning of Xmas! Well pardon me but when did the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on 8 December get demoted to make way for a geeky D4 bloke in a stupid jumper and a load of precocious kids singing and dancing?!

Bah humbug …


I was told by herself that when Christmas FM airs it’s officially the start of Christmas. Back in my day it was one day, the 25th and ended at 00:00:01 on the 26th. It’s getting longer every year.

What’s the best Christmas song of all time? Fairytale of New York for me

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■■■■ off. its only the first. lets start talking about christmas on the 27th.

I can never understand those who hate Xmas .Mate of mine hates it , prefers to be alone on Xmas day .

I can understand why those who are alone at Christmas hate it.

He does it by choice though .Nobody should be alone at that time .I have a friend who is a home carer & on Xmas day he is booked up with appointments for the elderly whose family can’t be bothered to spend time with them or have them over for Xmas .Its a really sad situation.

I’ve always found it cringy.The missus wants me to record it , she can watch it on her own .

Xmas FM went live last weekend, kids wanted it on in house, said no, Xmas starts December…


My Dad works as Carer, he spent last Christmas Day and Stephen’s dropping Clients to their families houses. They didn’t want to Drink & Drive…FFS these are your Parents…


Its fxxking shocking tbh . I’ve seen worse examples of that . One , where a carer went awol & because there were no carers available , the company drove out to another carer & paid them taxi fare to get to this particular client . And from what I believe , they didn’t get in touch with family to inform them so that they wouldn’t get into trouble or lose that client .
And this person only got 1 visit a week from a family member . They had severe Parkinson’s . Lived in a remote rural area with a few calls a day from carers .
It’s no way to finish up your days .
I know it’s difficult but I’m a huge supporter of families taking in their elderly parents where one is a widower .
Loneliness & insolation are a terrible thing for someone to suffer through .


A great idea is photo prints from Sportsfile.I got these back in '11 for Xmas .Don’t know if the wall would be big enough to get prints for '13,'15-'17😜

If I get around to getting my man cave though I might go for it.


Got my young lad a SNES for Christmas . I can’t wait to play it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Though i was in two minds to get that or the nes simply for bubble bobble and double dragon.

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You’ll need to build a bigger house at the rate we’re going. :smile:

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Jesus , I am literally talking to my nephew at the moment about SNES and when I spent over 100 punts on an American version of Street Fighter 2 :astonished:

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The new mini snes is pretty shit hot. Sold out everywhere but I managed to buy a brand new one at face value with receipt on adverts. Young lad is going to love it!

Nice one ! They have hdmi leads now don’t they ? Not like scart back in the day .And are all the games built into it ?

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Yes hdmi games built in. But can be modded / jail broken To install other games

Sounds sweet :blush:, ye both will love it :wink:

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Young lad on the toy show had a minecraft croke park. Had the mayo team in the middle of the pitch watching cluxton lifting Sam, aido crying, cillian punching the grass. Very realistic.


Yeah even the way the minecraft version of COC was slamming his fists of the ground was highly detailed and accurate