All Weather Goalmouths

Lads, just wondering if many clubs have all weather goalmouths for adult pitches. Seems to be way to go as alternative often tends to be dusty hollowed area.
Na fianna use them.
Many others in AFL1-2??
Pros and Cons?
Had heard they’re being considered in vincents.

We, O’Dwyers got them done at the end of last season for this season. We had a large hole around both goal months, picture of one below and the difference now is unreal. Well worth whatever it cost in my opinion.

i wish we had them, our goalmouths are an absolute disaster and a safety hazard. If it’s done correctly then I’d be all for it

Your Towers?
Hardly Monastery Road you are talking about? I presume it is the community centre pitches? Havent been out to play Towers in a while.

No you’re dead right, it’s the community centre. They’re a disaster.

Although Monastery is already causing problems too :roll_eyes:

We have them on our 2 pitches. The 2 goalmouths used to be crater-like disaster zones.

Only problem is the local scrotes like pulling them up/attempting to set them alight.

We just returfed ours with real grass, worked well and they seem to be holding up well about a season or two since it was done.

Ours is 10 years old now and in great nick. Some of the ones that are there are like concrete

Did you do the whole large square, or just the small sq?
I have been in some goalmouths where just the 6 is done and you get a kind of shelf, which can lead to some tricky bounces etc…

I have been keen to get this done in my club, however the “traditionalists” are dead set against it.

The goals get wrecked, not by the actual games etc, but its the puck/kick arounds etc that go on all weekend. Youngsters shuffling around in runners rubbing away at the surface.

Saw a bounce which resulted in a goal in a match last night which could only have been due to the ball hitting the edge of the 'shelf ’ where the AW meets the grass.But unless you have a high pitch to team ration it is the only way to go (at least for your main pitch).

Played in Silver park a few weeks ago and the one they have is shocking. Concrete! And one end the worn part that it was supposed to cover is only half covered. I know things must be tight out there…

Anyone an actual cost of small sq or large sq ?

We did just the small square. We conceded a goal in the league against Erins Isle because of the bounce you mentioned.

I will be try get a picture of ours later on when I am up in the club.

Would have massive concerns about any rubber grain based All weathers after a lot of the reports coming out about the toxins, bounce would be an issue also, maybe some more TLC and a culture in clubs/players to stay out of goalmouth apart from match days and specific training sessions, should see a sufficient improvement

Shouldn’t be conceding soft goal in football off the surface. More likely to happen in hurling

Jaysus If Des Kelly’s lads did that in my gaff I’d be having a barney with them …

Why did they not even go the width of the small square…??

If you consider the goalkeepers “Noah’s ark”, he would likely have to traverse the edges of the astro when facing a shot from an angle, this adds tripping into the dodgy bounce equation…although still better than trying to negotiate some of the hills and valleys you get in grass ones.

On the plus side, it looks relatively softer than a number of the “carpet” type ones I’ve seen that are like diving on a cross between sandpaper and concrete…

If it was only that simple bud, might not be a direct goal and it’s the same surface for both teams at the end of the day but it is something that may directly impact the game, and that’s not ideal, agreed as you mentioned also, it would impact Hurling possibly more so