Allianz Football League (NFL1) 2018


Dublin v Kildare on January 27th Croke Park
Tyrone v Dublin February 3rd Away
Dublin v Donegal February 10th Croke Park
Mayo v Dublin February 24th Away
Dublin v Kerry March 3rd Croke Park
Galway v Dublin March 18th Away
Dublin v Monaghan March 25th Croke Park

Lucky aul Kildare get to clap us onto the pitch as All Ireland champions.

Welcome back to Division One chaps ! :rofl:


Maybe we’ll have to clap the new O’Byrne Cup champions on first?

Hope Spewan will be watching :clap:

Oh that is a very, very good point. It was very nice of those Mayo lads to give us such good, hard games in the warm up tournament for the O’Byrne Cup, wasn’t it? They will really stand to us in January.

The O’Byrne Cup is everything.

…if yer from Kildare.

Ahh No the Galway match is Patrick’s wkend. Place is wedged…anyone ever do a overnight in Omagh, wondering is it a bit of craic

I would get booking now if your thinking of heading to Galway. Your game with us will be under lights on a Sat night.

Correct. We booked our rooms yesterday. Should be a good day and night out. Though the kids will be with us so hope the weather holds up.

Booked the Silverbirch Hotel beside the ground in Omagh for £82 b&b for 2. Will probably save that on the cheaper gargle for the day.

Yeah got hotel in town rooms at rue. Great price and only couple hours up the road. Have to make sure we hit the right pubs but. Although looks a good enough town for pints

Great idea.

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I agree and will surly add to the attendance. The pitch should be thawed out by March :slight_smile:

No need to be that surly @mayoman

I hope Aido is safe from our ladies …

Mayoman’s name is Shirley?

That does explain A LOT now, in fairness ! :wink:

Damm typo…well that’s the story I’m going with

Was surprised to see Andy Moran play the full game in the FBD league game against Sligo. Thought he might be given some time off but he’s starting again today. Loftus replaced for him from starting 15. Think Loftus is a player with big potential. Was hoping to see a bit of him. Surprised it’s not televised

Comer goals in 1st minute.

Sounds like a good game in Clones

Regan seems to be taking Mayo frees. Apparently COC busy on his phone.