Allianz Hurling League 2017

On a pilot basis in 2017, the Allianz League hurling quarter-finals and semi-finals will finish on the day the games are played avoiding the need for replays. If games in these competitions are level after two separate periods of extra time have been played, the outcome will be decided by a free-taking competition. - No semi-finals will be played in the Allianz Football League.

The finals of the Allianz Football Leagues and the Division 1 Hurling League final will be played a fortnight earlier than they have been heretofore thus freeing up additional time for club programmes.

Club need time in the summer. Not mid April.


Agree, But it will help. Maybe if they brought forward the 1st and 2nd rounds of provincial games, thus releasing players back to clubs for championship in May/June?

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Do we have a free taker left ?

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nobody here in the summer to play Alan. It’s walkover central.

Moving inter county games won’t ensure club championship will be played in the summer

Looks like our league games set in stone now.
Tipperary 11th Feb at Croke Park
Cork 18th Feb away
Waterford 4th March at Croke Park
Clare 12th March away
Kilkenny 26th March at Parnell Park.

If Cuala win Leinster which I think they have a very good chance of doing will be anyone’s guess what sort of team will line out against Tipperary. Be doing very well to predict that one!!

We’re in trouble as it is but if Cuala win Leinster it’s going to be very, very bad.


Just thinking under Cunninghams game plan how well would Dillon with his speed go at midfield? Dotsy as a playmaker from centre forward movement to upset any 6 plus ability to score or bring others into the game.

Just to add that later in the league and certainly come championship I’d want to see Whitley in there

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I can’t see us staying up. We’re looking to be the whipping boys of Div1.

We need to stop playing small lads at centre forward. It failed last year and it will never work. If Cunningham has learnt anything from last year, hopefully he has learnt that you need lads who can win their own high ball in the half forwards line. If not, the year is over already. Short tippety-tap sh1te will not work. End of.

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Do you seriously think Dotsy has 70 minutes in him even once in 2017 ??

No but I’d rather get the best we can from him for 50 rather then hoping he can do something in 10 at the end

The players themselves, the ones still there, don’t believe in Cunningham’s game plan. That’s a huge problem.

Your team is very young and would likely get smashed all over the park.

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It’s fierce young but even when the Cuala lads come back it’s still young

I know where you are coming from but i doubt there is a half hour at intercounty pace in him and that at corner forward in my opinion

I think at corner forward he’d need to make sharp specific runs to make space and then take his man on or make space to take a shot. A smart quality player like Dotsy could do less demanding running at 11 while doing more damage on more ball.

Example would be reading a breaking ball he could position himself close to the target of the puck out have the pace over 5 yards to beat the 6 to a break while clearly having the skill and cuteness to use that ball wisely to feed others or take his score.

Maybe I’m simplifying it in my own head too much to suit my view? I will admit I’d struggle to see him start with all available but with such a young squad I think we could use his experience skill and cuteness

When you look at the pick you’ve made it just makes it seem all the crazier that lads like Paul Ryan and other have been dropped altogether.


Paul Ryan opted out

We are going to be physically bullied beyond belief in 2017 because an old style manager got rid of every player who had the balls to disagree with him. Our team is too young all over the pitch. Callow. Not physical enough. Not aggressive enough. It’s got the potential to be harrowing. The cowardice of the county board disgusts me more than the intransigent bullying of GC. I hope he departs back to Cork sooner rather than later.

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