Allianz Hurling League (NHL1B) 2018

Round 1: Saturday, January 27th: Dublin v Offaly

Round 2: Sunday February 4th: Antrim v Dublin

Round 3: Saturday, February 17th: Limerick v Dublin

Round 4: Sunday, February 25th: Dublin v Galway

Round 5: Sunday, March 4th: Laois v Dublin

Five weeks to play the five games. That’s a congested fixture list.

Better to run them off back to back, no? Players want games and the new condensed 2018 calendar means games will be right in top of each other

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Early start! Is the Walsh cup binned?

Have the home games been confirmed for Croke park? Bollox to that…

Can’t imagine them all being in Croke Park .

Good to see the games so close .

Footballers also at home on Jan 27th so that’ll be in Croke Park. Footballers away the weekend of our other home game so that’ll be in the nell

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Great to get 2 winnable games to start get a bit of confident up going into Limerick and Galway and still in the hunt regardless of the limerick result and get a bit crowd in the nell v Galway

Back to back is ideal, lads love playing the game.

Week on week breeds things like touch & confidence also stops you dwelling on losses.

Much better set up, roll on 2018

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The limerick game is yuge.

Dublin Offaly to be on in Croker before the footballers match against Kildare according to the Star

Will Antrim away be in McQuillans?

Antrim v Dublin in Dunloy!

Feb 17 in Limerick is massive

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Was saying that earlier, can’t take limerick for granted by any means, would currently rank them above Cunningham’s 2017 dublin.

After a terrible first half Dublin fought into the game in the second half

Offal beat Laois

Limerick murdered Antrim

Limerick & Galway joint top on 8 points

We’re on 2 points just above Antrim

What way does draw for qtr finals go Tayto?

The top four teams in both 1A and 1B advance to the league quarter-finals with the top team in 1A playing the fourth team in 1B, the second team in 1A playing the third in 1B, etc. Two semi-finals and a final follow.

So if we beat Laois we probably get Wexford or Clare.

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Actually Kilkenny are playing Wexford in the final round and could go top if they win that.

At least the fitzgibbon is out of the way now so hopefully those lads will be more rested, over injuries and training with the panel more.

Duignan going on about lads been struck in the testicles . I wonder did Joanne blush :no_mouth: