Allianz Hurling League Roinn 1A 2018

Belter of a game between Tipp and Kilkenny earlier.

Another good win for Wexford over Clare:

Good win for the Deise in the Pairc

Wexford and Care joint top on 6 points with Cork and Waterford at the bottom on 2 points a piece

Cork had Séamus Harnedy sent off in the first half. The pitch in the new PuiC is in some state.

That was an important game for tipp. I reckon the way they came apart in the second half in the league against kk last year destroyed their year. Losing wasn’t the thing today.

… otherwise known as Cork.

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Was dirt what he done

That pitch isn’t a great advertisement for the funding Cork received to renovate PUC

Dropped his knees onto defenders chest as he lay on the ground - dirty, deliberate and dangerous.

On Wexford … they have improved hugely in fairness - you’d have to give a fair bit of credit to Davy … unless your name is Alan …

Pitch in Cork was shocking … more fitting for a bucket and spade than a hurley and sliothar.

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You could lose a corner forward in one of them divots.

Seriously though someone could injure themselves on that surface. Almost lunar.

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Henry Shefflin just couldn’t get the word ‘relegation’ out there on the Sunday Game. Not a word you hear in the Kilkenny dressing room that often I suppose …

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They’ll probably blame it on the footballers somehow.

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Exactly. Eskimos have 25 words for snow. Kilkenny and relegation are the opposite.

Bucket and spade needed…

How come Tipp get to play all their big games on their own ground. I mean who do they think they are?!

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Another enjoyable match tonight…blessed that tg4 do what they do.
Great fare.

tipp just pointed sideline from halfway and then limerick get point involving 2 “no look hand passes”…

Going to be some great battles between top 6 or 7 at packed provincial grounds this summer.


Limerick might just do it

Sideline cut for tipp, unbelievable point.

Come on limerick

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Have to agree, great entertainment on sat. Night in march, brilliant coverage.

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Limerick 6 behind start of 2nd half xtra time, needing something more than luck at this stage