Allianz Hurling League Roinn 1A 2018

3 points in it and limerick seem to have the momentum, 2 mins left

Cracking game of hurling! Super point by Tipp side line cut from their own 65. That skill should be worth 2 points!

I agree, but overall and not to take anything from the skill displayed, I felt tipp were physically more dominate and getting ball physically that limerick were not able to match.

That was the case last week also when Dublin played them!

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Only their first loss but that Wexford team looked jaded yesterday. I wonder is it the beginning of the Davy era taking its toll. KK brought a huge intensity to it. They are not what they once were but they are far from gone away.

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Wexford lost a couple of matches already.

Kilkenny were very impressive, signs Cody is getting a team together.

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Indeed he does seem to be getting a team together. Let that be a warning to Gilroy & Co.

Decent game so far . T J Reid is a joy to watch .

Reid is brilliant. Makes the game look so easy. Paddy Deegan having a great game too.
Super play by McGrath for Tipp goal. Lots of super catching in this game.

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Great goal by Walter ,quick swing here in the second half

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Yet again a great game is subject to some utterly baffling refereeing decisions :pensive:

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Kk motoring nicely now .

Kilkenny looked very hungry today and had no shortage of pace and skill . Tipp found wanting again when put up to them .

You have to hand it to Cody he has pulled together some squad. TJ Reid seems to be very keen to get back to Croke Park to end the KK famine after three years!

Jaysus - did you see them Kilkenny lads buck lepping after winning a National League ??? Hope we’re never reduced to that …

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