Allianz League Fixtures 2023

If Louth hadn’t of lost to Clare would be level with us.

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Yea but if we aren’t beating Louth in Croke Park in late March, it wouldn’t be good

Nope - a draw would put us on 11 them on 9.

With all due respect if we can’t beat Louth we should go straight into the Tailteann Cup.


That’s the worry. When teams pressurise Dublin, the response has been wanting. We should be beating Louth, but that should apply across Div 2 and we have struggled at times. That may be down to timing their run but it makes for nervous viewing.

Mayo really improving nicely .

Galway and Mayo are live bona fuss all contenders this year

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Mc Stay getting a good return out of Aido.

Playing him close to goal and he’s working hard and causing problems.


Thought that must’ve been an error on the graphic but please do not adjust your TV, it isn’t :flushed:

Just one of Monaghan’s 13 points came from play. Michéal Bannigan and Conor McManus clipped four frees a-piece, while Kieran Duffy scored their sole offering from open play.

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Yeah agree … if we can’t beat Louth at headquarters write off the season

Another point for Aidan!

I might be behind here, watching in a pub in Chicago.

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But they’d go through on head to head if they win ye?

Agree on Mayo but not Galway. Think Silke and Molloy in defence will be major losses come championship. The goalkeeper Gleeson is a liability and don’t think Conroy has the legs for midfield.(Peter Cooke might be an option there). On the plus Tierney and Finnerty stepping up on the scoreboard.

Losing today will relegate Donegal .I think

Monaghan most likely to go down with them unless results go their way next week and they overtake Armagh

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Donegal are awful. I wonder is there trouble behind the scenes?


Haven’t seen O’Shea kick frees in a long time. He used to take them at minor and u21 and before O’Connor came onto team.


Exactly, I wouldn’t over read until this result from a Mayo perspective.


Kildare beat limerick by 6 .That sends down Clare and limerick to div 3 .

That’s it.